A Weekend of Eating

This was a weekend of complete gluttony.  I actually feel sick to my stomach just thinking about all the food that we ate.

I got in a hot and humid run after work.  For the past week since my 5k, all my runs have felt horrible.  I feel out of shape and slow, and my watch reflects my slowness.  Not sure what is going on, maybe it’s just the heat?  I followed the run with some light weights, I think adding back strength routines will help my minor nagging injuries.  For dinner we went to a very suburban Not Your Average Joe’s where I saw my future unfolding before my very eyes.  Eating dinner were families with really young kids and middle aged couples at a carpeted restaurant (this freaks me out) eating average American fare for cheap.  I dived face first into the bread basket, had buffalo tenders for an appetizer, a Thai chicken salad, a sangria and a beer.  That’s like 1,500 calories just in that meal alone, and later on I didn’t stop drinking… I had a pear cider…

I was really good for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner we went out for Korean/Japanese where I chose based on the fact that I had a Groupon burning a hole in my wallet – and then I totally forgot to use the stupid Groupon!  I’m so annoyed by that still days later.  I had a huge meal of pork, tofu, kim chi and white rice and 2 beers followed by about 4-6 miniature cupcakes that I baked earlier that day.  I needed to know if they were baked through at first and then it just turned out that I just enjoyed eating them.

I got in a brief run out in the heat – honest to goodness it was like 85 degrees and I wanted nothing more than to pack it in but I made it through 3 miles and then did some weights (weighted lunges, side lunges, triceps, abs) We went to visit our friend Natasha on her house by a lake.  We all have a deep love for food, and it gets kind of ridiculous whenever we have a meal together but this might have taken the cake.  Lunch was 6 marinated chicken wings, 3/4 of a burger, 1/4 can of Pringles, 1/2 a bowl of chips, baked beans, and a half a bottle of wine… I ate all that.  That was lunch around 2pm, and we let that settle for a few hours and then it got really ugly with dinner: a whole lobster with butter, 2 strips of Korean beef, 3 strips of Korean pork, a bowl of white rice, a mini package of kim chi, a mystery mixed drink, and a mini cupcake chased with some Tums.

This might be the worst day.  I didn’t really expect much for breakfast because I’m usually a small breakfast eater, just coffee and a hard boiled egg or something.  Today, Natasha took us to Carl’s Diner in Oxford, MA which was a Serious diner for Serious breakfast eaters.  It looked like nothing special at all, but the food was really good and it was jam packed full of people taking advantage of their massive portions.  I ate 2 scrambled eggs, many sausages, a piece of toast, home fries and coffee.

Yes, there are 8 sausages in that photo and I’m pretty sure that I ate 5 of them… I know, it’s like mortifying.  What’s even worse… my husband ordered a steak and cheese omelet for 2 and he ate the entire thing!  It was literally a mountain of food that somehow disappeared into his belly.  Natasha got blueberry pancakes that were so overflowing from her plate that when she tried to add syrup it overflowed onto the counter.  This was one of the craziest breakfast that I’ve ever eaten in my life, and this was at 11 am and we had lunch like 3 hours later regrettably.  We had to go over to my parents house where they were grilling a massive pork loin.  So for late lunch I had a piece of pork, a green salad, a scoop of rice, a mini cupcake and 2 oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies.

Shoot me please, just put me out to pasture!  I see a lot of salads in my future this week.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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