Tory Row 5K and the best flex ever

 I realize how ridiculous this photo is… and also how scary it is.  This is one of the only times that my husband has taken me to a local 5K and he wanted to take a “before photo” and all of a sudden he’s like: FLEX!  You can see the result of that request… I wasn’t even all that embarrassed.  This morning’s 5K was in Harvard Square and it was sponsored by Tory Row and the Cambridge Running Club.  The best part about this race was how small it was, it capped out at 300 people and there were no cash prizes…which meant that the competitiveness went completely out the door and I was like “OMG I could get in the top half or the top 1/4!!”  Guys, when it comes to running, placing is never something that I even consider because there’s no point – I’m just not good enough.  My primary goal of today was to break 25 minutes, I’ve been hovering on the 25 minute area for a while now and I felt confident that I could go under that today.

Since it was such a small race, I didn’t exactly expect there to be much traffic control but there was enough to keep people safe (mostly) and there was a lead police car and an end police car which is way more than some races have.  I was milling around the starting line debating doing a little warm up, when a friend of a friend showed up.  She was a non-runner, and just totally hilarious about this whole thing.  She just kept saying, “wow, it looks like these people are in Really good shape…wow, I think that I could possibly finish last… they’re in Such good shape!”  It was very funny to me because the people she was talking about weren’t even all that great, she ended up doing very well for someone who doesn’t run regularly. 

The race was great, mostly flat with a few really annoying turns in there but the course was good.  The unfortunate part of the race was running by all the mansions in Cambridge that I could never in a million years afford.

This race was so tiny that I practically finished all by myself… look at that form falling right apart with my arms all over the place.  This was a Really painful race for me.  My goal going into it: mile 1 in 8:00, mile 2 in 8:00 and then power through that last mile.  What actually happened?  Not that.  Per usual, I went out too fast and couldn’t hold it together in mile 2, and then mile 3 I was able to sort of make a comeback after catching my breath.

Um, 7:30 is way too fast for my first mile and I felt it.  I mean it’s not like that was painless and I felt light as air – OH no, that really hurt.  In fact, this whole race hurt a whole lot.  I felt like I was moving in slow motion but every time I looked at my Garmin, my pace was very surprising.  But guys, I placed 75/271 people but more importantly I placed 11th out of 55th women in my age division (25-29).  I totally know that this time wouldn’t land me in the top 30 of my age division in any other race, but man it felt really good to see that for once.  Also, PRing helped!  My official time was 24:31 my previous best was 25:09 from back in March.

I’ve been icing my ankle all afternoon, I have no idea what the deal is, but I think it’s some kind of tendinitis.  It’s been creeping up on me for the past 2 weeks and today with a hard run seemed to have aggravated it even further.  Another PR another injury.  Whatever, RICE it is for now and mini fist pumps.

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