Make The Rain Stop!

It’s been raining here in Boston for the fifth day in a row and you know what?  Boston is Really Really hideous when it’s gray and rainy.  If I was one of the tourists walking around today, I’d probably hop on the next flight home.  Also, the weather here is mainly why people are such Aholes… that’s my excuse.

Even when it’s raining, I still need to hit the sidewalks for some running because lately the treadmill has been really unappealing.  This is the first year that I’ve really given running in the rain a chance, but I’m getting over the whole idea of it and getting used to it.  Yesterday’s run was pretty awful.  I really let my tiredness get the best of me and before heading out I thought to myself, “hey self, just getting out there in the rain should be enough… and something is better than nothing.”  Well, not really because last night’s something was practically nothing. 

Slow pace, and small mileage… I mean yeah whatever, I never really run far these days but 3.0 miles is my minimum and I try to stick to that.  I felt so burnt out yesterday and being burnt out and just feeling burnt out aren’t the same.

Tonight, I tried a different approach.  I ate a snack, sat on the couch, ate dinner, hemmed and hawed… and then suddenly realized that the rain had stopped for a minute so I grabbed my sneakers.  Eating right before running was not a good idea but it was pretty light: corn on the cob, 5 campari tomatoes, and a slice of cheddar cheese.  I know that was the most random dinner ever, but it worked.  When I walked out of the house, I knew that I needed a better strategy.  Leaving the house meant that I wasn’t going to shelp along, no no, I had to run decent splits and I had to finish the stupid 3.0 miles that I set out to do.  Goals: mile 1 under 9 minutes, mile 2 as close to 8 minutes as possible, and mile 3 just try not to die and finish strong.  How did it go?  Well I’m glad I set some goals.

Those splits are very good for me, one of my best 3 miles ever and more than that it gave me a little boost of confidence that I need for Sunday’s 5k.  I totally wanted to vomit the whole last mile, but I held it in like a champ… damn those tomatoes.  I’m suddenly a little bit nervous about the race because it’s a tiny race without any real traffic control, and in the email I just got about it they mentioned that people should study the map closely… um, is there a chance that I’ll get lost?  I don’t like that at all!

Ah well, tomorrow is an off day and we’re heading to the Red Sox game!  I’m hoping that it doesn’t rain on us, but it likely will.  Good thing beer is already wet. 

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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