Friday – Saturday Catchup

OMG.  Of course Blogger was down when I had like a million things to blog about, none of which were at all important or interesting to anyone but myself!  Unfortunately, I’ve sort of forgotten almost all that I wanted to talk about so I’ll leave you with this junk:

1.  Friday’s running goal: run faster in mile 2 than in mile 1 preferably under 8 minutes, and then try not to die after.  I got part 1, but I totally wanted to die after.  On Saturday I have a longer run planned, again, if I don’t die that is.  I really need to get past this 3 mile rut.

2.  Don’t know what to wear on your run when the weather is sort of in between cool and warm, say around 50 degrees?  Do you think that long sleeves is just too much but short sleeves is too little since the sun is going down?  I have an answer for you, and it’s not exactly genius but I love it enough to share with you.  I like to call it layering a perfectly awesome tank top (tucked in to prevent it from riding up) under a short sleeved shirt.  It keeps you warm enough to not hate the wind, but cool enough that you don’t feel over dressed.  It’s thrilling, I’m sure you’re all impressed with my creativity.

3.  We hate house hunting.  It’s sucking the very tiny souls out of our bodies.  Every time we find a house that we like, there is always a very good reason not to buy it.  It’s like when you get a bonus and you’re like: I have money to spend and I want to spend it, and then you can think of anything that you want to buy… like doesn’t anyone want our money?  My father in law thinks that the housing market in MA still has further to drop so we shouldn’t rush into anything, my parents think that we need to buy something like yesterday and really… I just want a dog dammit.

4.  Whatever you do, do not see Jackass 3-D.  Just don’t do that to yourselves, it was the worst thing that I’ve ever seen in my life.  They took it way too far, I have no idea how any of them are still alive.  There is way too much poop, puke, crotch, and cattle prodding.

5.  Saturday’s “long run” actually happened.  My goal was to run 5 miles, and this was a more challenging route with 2 long hills during mile 1 and mile 2, and then mile 4 was around a track (god that was boring at shit) and mile 5 I sort of had a moment where I was really happy that I was out running this morning even if it was only with 4 ounces of coffee in me.  Check it:

Later,  we continued to house hunt.  There was 1 house that I loved even though I can’t exactly explain why other than to say that I can see us living there and being really happy.  My husband is less convinced of this gut feeling.  It really is not what anyone would expect that I would like… it’s a farm house… but peeps it has a pool and like a 3,400 sq. feet of living awesomeness.  Later I got really drunk on wine at a bar, and experienced my first Bahn Mi sandwich – it was awesome!  I haven’t been this drunk in ages.  I blame Zyrtec but @theangryrunner disagrees… yet she has not seen the quiet low key me in one minute and then the loud-laughing-obnoxious me an hour later at a loud bar being all smiley and shit.

Weekends are confusing, I can’t believe it’s not even Sunday yet… 

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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