Group Run Successes

This was my second week in a row of my Monday night group run this year.  Last week was sort of a disaster – we were a couple minutes late so we had to race to catch up with everyone.  This week, we made it there on time and there was a huge turnout.  My goal this week was to pick someone and then keep up with them, and not die.  I chose carefully… there was one girl last year who ran at an easy pace at the beginning and then picked it up for the second half and I remember being able to mostly keep up with her before.  She led me to these splits:

I’m not sure that my Garmin has ever seen a full mile split under 8:00 before.  Sure it was just under by a hair, but it makes me feel pretty good considering all the time off that I had last week and the week before.  Yeah, I just checked, that was pretty speedy compared to my usual pace.  That same girl that I was chasing turned out to be super friendly and we chatted after, she didn’t remember me from last year (who would?) and she also didn’t get into this year’s New York Marathon.  Anyways, I’m glad that she said Hi because I’m ridiculously shy sometimes.

Besides my group run today, I also found the time to buy 3 pairs of shoes and blow my nose 50 times. 

Does Zyrtec give anyone else crazy dreams and totally space shot behavior?  Today was really strange, but I ran pretty well so whatever!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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