What A Week – Takeout and Weight Loss

This week did not go well.  I had to work late most days, only had one day that I could run, and yeah yeah blah blah.  Shit happened.  I did have time to get my hair done – obviously because a girl can’t go walking around with bad roots and Lilo length hair.  I love my hair stylist, I love my current salon, I love those flowers sitting on her shelf… I did not like the price of this day of beauty.  You’d think that I was transformed into a super model, but I can assure you that I look only slightly different today.  Luckily, I’m pretty lazy so I won’t be back till my hair is way too long and my roots are way too awful.

This little week of hell also included 3 nights of takeout dinners that were not particularly low carb:
1.  A sub shop down the street.  I inhaled a steak tip salad, the insides of half an Italian sub, and a few bites of a Buffalo tender that was way too spicy.
2.  An Italian quick takeaway chain.  Those idiots forgot my entree.  Luckily, we ordered enough food so that even without my entree I still ate mozzarella sticks, meatballs, sausage, tiny bruchetta, and some of Abe’s sausage and chicken “mess” with pasta. 
3.  Took a chance on Indian.  I am not even exaggerating when I say it was the best Indian that I’ve ever had and it was from some nothing special looking place that I’ve passed by a thousand times and thought it looked sort of bad.  I was totally wrong.  I ate vegetable samosas, kabuli chana, and chicken tikka masala all served with basmati rice.

These meals sound huge, but I barely ate more than a couple bites of lunch on these days…

Why do I share all these gloriously gluttonous meals?  Because it so happens that this week I’ve hit my goal weight.  I’ve officially lost 10 pounds since February.  It was really slow going, the pounds really just inched away but the moral of this story is that it can happen if you have the patience.  Just don’t give up, I didn’t crash diet, I made a decision to cut bad carbs out of my life 90% of the time.  The results are that almost all my pants are loose now, I can wear a fitted shirt and not feel like my belly is protruding, and my face is much less full.  I’m not perfect and I’m sure that I’ll be up and down a few pounds as I usually am, but I’m not going to pile back on those 10 pounds because they did not belong on my frame.

Besides the scale, I also feel much better.  I picked up a few good habits along the way:

  • My coffee no longer has vanilla soymilk/creamer and sugar in it, I drink it black.   
  • I don’t buy processed foods like Wheat Thins or Cheez-Its
  • We make our own sparkling water with our Soda Streamer

My working out hasn’t really been that great these past two weeks since I pulled something in my leg last week and then had to work late this week, so I made the decision to skip my 5K tomorrow.  I don’t want to drive all the way over there just to be disappointed with my run, I can do that here just as easily!  In two weeks, I have another race so it’s no biggie.  I might try to run in the mornings next week…ahhh!  That is the only way that I could possibly run and work late – I am so not a morning person, this experiment should be interesting.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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