Lottery Fail

I didn’t get through the ING New York Marathon lottery, which is both good and bad.  It’s good because I really wasn’t sure I was up for another marathon just yet, but it’s bad because it’s the only other race that I was really super interested in doing.  I still do want to run this race someday, but apparently just not in 2011… I am thinking that I may find a half marathon for the fall in the place of this race so I have something to aim for but not something that will overly consume my life the way training for the Chicago Marathon did.  I have a few potential races in mind…

The San Jose Rock and Roll Half – Oct 2
Peak Performance Portland ME Half – Oct 2
BAA Half – Oct 9
Amica Newport Half Marathon – Oct 15

Does anyone have any positive or negative feedback on these choices?  I have a pretty wide variety of races there.  I’ve always wondered about the Rock and Roll race series, and I really love races with major running support as far as water stops and such and I know they would have that.  I chose the Peak Performance race solely because it’s in Portland, which would make a decent inexpensive weekend trip with a really awesome reward of delicious dinner.  The BAA Half is local, but if this race is as over crowded as the 5K was a couple weeks ago then I don’t want to do it…and I have a feeling this would be the case.  Lastly, I chose the Amica race because Newport is just a really fun place to be so I know we’d have a nice weekend there along with a medium sized racing field.

Before I even finished writing this post I registered for one of the races – the winner was the Amica Newport Half because I have the ability to upgrade to the full marathon if I choose just days before the event (you know if somehow my training is going amazing all summer) and I like that kind of flexibility.  I also like the idea of Newport in the fall and it doesn’t break the bank unlike if we flew to San Jose and had to pay for hotel on top of all that.  I really hope this was a good decision, but then again, this is really just my Plan B since the NY Marathon just didn’t work out this time around!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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