B.A.A. 5K mini race recap

Today didn’t work out all that well for me.  I woke up early for the the BAA 5K with a nasty stomach ache because sometimes lessons need to be learned the hard way.  I ate half a large Papa Ginos Pizza (the works obviously) followed by buffalo wings for dinner last night… this was the first pizza I’ve had in two months so of course I went totally over board.  Not only was my stomach unhappy but it was raining and I was running late.  I bolted out the door and had to drive to the race instead of taking the T as planned so this stressed me out even more.  Once I got there, I warmed up and then headed straight for a port a potty to pee… I waited 10 minutes then ran out of time and had to hold it for the race.  There’s nothing worse than having a totally full bladder while you’re standing there listening to national anthem knowing that you’re not going to be able to pee for a while and this is about to be very uncomfortable.

The rain wasn’t that bad, high 40s and just sprinkling.  Everyone was over dressed, including myself.  The course was very hilly, as they went through Boston Common and Beacon Hill, luckily I sort of enjoy uphills – not so much the downhills.  I’m never very good at running down hill, this is usually when people fly right by me.  The BAA frowns upon iPods, so I didn’t use mine and it’s kind of odd hearing all sorts of things that I wouldn’t normally hear during a race: people chatting, dads coaching their kids, people yelling funny things on the sidelines, and all sorts of bitching and moaning… the worst part was the utter silence though, sometimes it was just Really quiet.  Just listening to each runner’s shoes hitting the pavement is not something I usually pay much attention to.

I really thought that I lined up right where I belonged, but apparently the rest of the 4,000+ runners didn’t.  My Garmin didn’t work so I don’t know my exact splits, but I can tell you they weren’t impressive.  My first mile was basically a forced jog, and there were just so many runners there that I couldn’t ever really freaking run.  I was constantly dodging walkers and getting boxed into chatty joggers or just stuck behind a troop of 11min milers.  The entire race was unusually frustrating, my net time was 25:24 which is about 15 seconds slower than my last 5K but 2 minutes faster than this course last year (I don’t remember the massive crowds last year!).  I can’t really complain too much because although it was frustrating it wasn’t physically that gut wrenching so I have some faster times to come – in smaller races… I wish I had one next weekend!

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