Vacations Should Never End

[This is me after waking up at 4am for our flight to Miami, dealing with temporarily lost luggage, and not yet with a cocktail]

We are back from our cruise!  I should probably start out with saying that this is our third cruise and the first 2 were not very good, but this one was pretty much the most awesome cruise a person could go on!  Sure, we knew someone working on it as a part of The Second City so we had a lot of people to hang out with who were entertaining to no end… they also knew where to go at each port stop for the best beaches and local food, but back to the ship.  There’s a lot of things you can’t control on a cruise – what kind of people show up (old people vs. spring breakers vs. school vacation kiddie vs. red necks hicks) but there’s also a lot of things you can control – the type of ship you choose and the kind of vacation you want to have (lots of activities vs. just laying low). 

We like options, we don’t like being forced to dine with strangers, and we like good food and strong sun.  The Norwegian Epic allows for “freestyle cruising” which basically means you can eat anywhere you want instead of having to sit at formal dinners each night with strangers (God, I hated that on Celebrity!!) and you could choose any restaurant on board to eat at (there were like 10 options).  There was lots of stuff to do at night, so you weren’t bored and you weren’t stuck doing the same thing the whole time.  We saw: The Second City improv show twice (very funny), Cirque du Soliel, Blue Man Group, and saw lots of really great live music.  I didn’t once have to dress up, and being a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, this was perfect.  We were much more active than we usually are on vacations this time around.  Normally, I’m a real lazy vacationer – I just like to hang out and read and relax… I only had time to read 1 book! 

Our port stops were Costa Maya, Mexico; Island of Roatan, Honduras; Cozumel, Mexico (we didn’t get off the boat here).  Our friend Mike took us to his favorite beaches at the first two ports, and during the third port stop we decided to stay on the boat and have the whole pool to ourselves (genius).  My favorite stop was Costa Maya because of the beautiful beaches, it’s far from anything fancy, but at a very basic level it’s gorgeous. 

We ate a lot, we drank a lot, and we got a shitload of sun.  I’m glad that we went, but we really are already thinking of our next trip… reality is too hard to handle sometimes… some people drink, we like to vacation, whatever.

I did hit the big huge gym 3 times while on the ship and it went just so/so.  The first time, I was really tired from a long day in the sun but made it through 3.1 miles on the treadmill.  The second time went much better and got through 4.4 sweaty miles, and the third workout was 3.3 blah miles.  None of the workouts felt very effective, but I was just trying to make sure my legs got some activity.  My first workout back after the trip was H-A-R-D.  It just felt awful, and my splits don’t seem that far off, but man it hurt:

Running without the reward of a cocktail after just isn’t quite the same…

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