Vacation is Coming…

I spotted this strangeness on the sidewalk while taking the long way home on Monday.  Um, really?  Let’s be serious for two seconds – Bruce Willis does not rock in any possible way, end of story.  Whoever did this has a tiny little feeble brain. 

Besides observing all things weird (also came across some guy doing magic tricks on the subway) I’ve been hitting the gym a lot this week –

Monday’s workout:
1 mile at 8:57
1 mile at 8:34
1 mile at 8:20
1/2 mile walk, and run thereafter till 35 minutes
This workout was typical and nothing special, but I kind of wanted to die.  My legs were tired, I was sweating like I was in hot yoga, and it was a struggle.  Maybe, I was more bored than anything, this treadmill nonsense is getting really old.

Tuesday’s workout:
35 minutes on the elliptical
60 minute weights and core class
Just a regular Tuesday…

Wednesday’s workout:
5k – first half at 8:42 pace and second half at 8:06 pace
followed by a half mile cool down and then a sudden urge to do just a few hill repeats –
4.7% incline at 8:49 pace for 0.25 mile, power jog a bit back at 1.0%, repeat x 3
(Lesson learned here: hills are hard work even when not running explosively fast, I should do more of them)

I got my number for the B.A.A. 5K in the mail yesterday!  This was a nice reminder that I best not embarrass myself in a few weeks and also that I need to try and run while on vacation next week!  When it comes to working out on vacation, I’m all for it as long as I have access to a gym or someone can run outside with me (I’m terrified of getting lost).  This doesn’t mean that I won’t relax, I’m going to relax the shit out of this vacation.  – Eat, Swim, Run, Relax, Read etc.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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3 Responses to Vacation is Coming…

  1. natasha says:

    I can't believe you stumbled upon that on the sidewalk, ha!

  2. Katie says:

    Oh, MBTA– it's nothing if not entertaining. I am so with you on being done with the DREADMILL– right after this snowstorm, I'm ready for spring! Have a fab (and relaxing!) time on your vacation!!

  3. Laurie says:

    "Um, really? Let's be serious for two seconds – Bruce Willis does not rock in any possible way, end of story. Whoever did this has a tiny little feeble brain."LMAO. This made me laugh a lot.

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