A Run and an Easy Low Carb Lunch

This week wasn’t great for my diet.  I forgot to eat breakfast a few times (this zapped my energy), there was often no time to eat lunch (you’d think I’d lose weight from that), and there was far less working out because I had no energy to do anything.  It’s cool, I have one more full week before we head out on vacation so this week’s 0 pound movement is not a big deal, I can improve that next week:

Feb 4th weigh in: -0.5
Feb 11th weigh in: -0.5
Feb 18th weigh in: -1.5
Feb 25th weigh in: -1.2
March 4th weigh in: -1.8
March 11th weigh in: -0.2
March 18th weigh in: -0.4
March 25th weigh in: 0.0
Total: -6.1 goal -10

I didn’t work out on Thursday or Friday…I know, it’s almost like I’m Not looking to lose weight.  This morning I ran to the gym, took a 30 minute core class and used some light weights for my arms and ran back.  The way there was great – I was really happy with my pace, but the way back was hard.  I was dealing with some crazy wind to the face the entire way plus a tired core and hip flexers, I could really feel my thighs going numb.  The temp. is listed at 35 degrees but there is no possible way, it’s got to be in the 20s with all the wind.  Overall, this was a great outdoor run for me keeping all my splits under 9 minutes (this is a new goal) and not pulling out my bus pass when my nose started running (there were no buses out there today obviously or I would have been on it begging them to turn up flipping the heat).

My run was followed by 2 cups of steaming black coffee, and a fast and easy lunch.  People always ask me, “well what do you eat on a low carb diet?”  First of all – are you people stupid?  Ok, I know, it can be hard to fathom, but really the whole: no bread, rice, pasta thing isn’t that hard to understand.  I’m not sitting here counting my carbs, I’m just not eating the glaringly obvious ones. 

Here is my favorite weekend lunch –

1 can of albacore tuna (no salt added in spring water) I use 365 brand
1/2 a cucumber chopped (red peppers work just as well)
2 tbsps of chopped red onion
2 tbsps of good olive oil
a couple slices of cheddar cheese (from a brick) chopped (also good without the cheese)
a splash of red vinegar
sea salt

Sure it may look like nothing special, but it’s delicious and the nutritional value is excellent:

350 calories
14g fat (mostly from the olive oil)
30g protein

This meal is a lot better (and filling) than one might assume!  After this meal, I can stay completely full until dinner time.  I used to eat this before I was a low carb Ho and dip a handful of Cape Cod chips into it using them as scooping devices… if you don’t know what Cape Cod chips are, then you know, regular old kettle chips are fine too and work almost as well.

We’re going out for dinner and drinks tonight, so there’s going to be a little cheating going on… hopefully not too much.  I ordered 3 swim suits online today hoping that 1 of them will look decent!!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to A Run and an Easy Low Carb Lunch

  1. Katie says:

    My boyfriend loves The Tuna but I typically gag and leave the room when the can opens. You might have just introduced me to a new way to prepare it though! The mayo is what kills me, but between the cheese and the EVOO… I'm intrigued.

  2. laura* says:

    I think you may like this then. I'm also not a mayo person, it just tastes all wrong. The olive oil here totally changes the way the tuna tastes to me, in a good way!

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