Raining Jerks

Today was a terrible day.  It went from bad, to worse. 

Me: I just got screamed at by a client on the phone.  It wasn’t even my client.
S: Nooo, was she old?
Me: Yes
S: Was she Ugly?
Me: Yes
S: Was she single?
Me: No… I think she had a kid. 
S: It’s always those people that scream – the old, ugly, and miserable ones.
[My friend S is totally awesome]

I would be lying if I said that entire situation didn’t bother me. I stayed totally calm while my face turned a glaring shade of red, but I did leave completely flustered and pissed off.  I felt like I was being bullied, and nobody likes that.  At the end of the day, what matters is that 1. It wasn’t my fault, and 2. I am not an ugly self loathing screamer.

I didn’t want to let this wench ruin my day – I mean, WTF?!  My day was a complete disaster from start to finish, so I thought: why not try out my running gloves and run outside for a change since it’s still light out… you know get some cold fresh air?  So I did (3.21 miles in 30:50).  The gloves are awesome, but the run was not so much.  My hamstring was bothering me, I swear, everyday is a new freaking ache or pain.  I’m glad that I squeezed in a workout, but I’m not glad that it didn’t help me feel any better.  As I sit here and type – I eat brownie bites (these bad boys are not carb free).  I really just need to go to bed now so that tomorrow I can dive right back into this shit show with smaller circles under my eyes. 

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Raining Jerks

  1. Trang says:

    Yikes! So sorry that happened to you, but glad S could perk you up a bit. I don't understand why some folks need to scream to get you to listen to them. I am just convinced they are unhappy people. Also, be happy that you ran today and were able to finish! Go you!

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