Super Sat and An Ras Mor 5K

My husband worked for the third Saturday in a row – which gave me a lot of time to get stuff done. This is the most productive Saturday that I’ve ever had but what did it really get me? 

  • Made eggs and coffee for breakfast
  • Unloaded the dishwasher
  • Heated up leftover bbq and steamed green beans for lunch
  • Did a huge pile of dishes
  • Showered – yeah this doesn’t always happen
  • Took the bus and the train to pick up my 5K packet
  • Explained how a person can register for the same 5K twice
  • Explained that I didn’t know anyone who would want my extra bib (I have 1 friend who runs and lives around here and I was also picking up her packet)
  • Went to City Sports and bought new sneakers and t-shirts with a coupon
  • Read a magazine while on the bus back home – learned nothing.  Some magazines are so crappy these days!
  • Tried to get a manicure but it was too busy – I’m not sure they wanted my business
  • Did 1 load of laundry
  • Swiffer Wet Jetted the kitchen floor
  • Cleaned out the humidifier
  • Threw out all my old makeup, every single cosmetic that I bought and didn’t like which has been collecting over the years in a drawer – it’s gone now, and I feel so much lighter
  • Hard boiled some eggs for breakfast on Sunday
  • Ordered Jillian Michael’s 6-Week Six Pack DVD – ordering is one thing, doing is another thing, but the title is so Inspiring!
  • Ordered myself some takeout for dinner

I did all those things and it was mostly boring, but seriously, that is productive as shit!  My goal was to get all this stuff done, but also to rest my body for Sunday’s 5K (I skipped any kind of workout).  I realize that 3.1 miles never hurt anyone, but I really wanted to do well and start off my spring season with a decent time.

The morning of the race was supposed to be a nice balmy 50 degrees, but what was it?  It was freezing, so cold that my hands went numb learned a tough lesson – always go to a race prepared: always bring my light running jacket just in case it’s absolutely freezing.  I had two options: run in the t-shirt I planned on running in or racing in a heavy North Face fleece…ugh, I checked the jacket and just had to deal with the cold.  I never really warmed up until the last 0.1 miles of the race.  Anyways, this was an out and back course, which is not my favorite kind – my soul is generally pretty crushed when I can see the winners already nearing the end when I haven’t even gotten to the halfway point.  This race was a bit disorganized – we all gathered at the start and without any warning at all the gun went off and we started running  I have no idea where the actual starting line was so I couldn’t use my Garmin, which I was sort of hoping to use to check up on my pace.  I’m not experienced enough to guess how fast I’m going, but I do know that I went out too fast (I always do) and then had a hard time in the middle, but brought it home pretty well.  The clock at the end read – 25:07 (8:05 pace) when I crossed the finish line.  My hope is that my time is actually a little faster than that due to my starting position and the timing chip on my ankle since I never start up with the fast people in the front – I’m no fool (update: official time was 25:09 dammit).  This is my best 5K time ever by over a minute and a half.  I think this is a great place to start, and I’m really happy with it!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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