Upcoming 5K

Today was one of those days that didn’t include eating lunch.  Stepping out of my comfort zone is not something that I or anyone else enjoys doing, but it’s a good thing in the long run (probably).  Today was seriously busy and seriously stressful, but I made it to the gym and ran a quick 3 miles in 26:45 and then did 30 kettle ball swings with a weight that was probably a little too heavy for me.  Ugh, strength training you kill me and my ass.  What would have made that workout better is: a sports bra for 1, and more than 300 calories consumed (not by choice) during the day for 2.  I pack my gym bag 3 days a week and every two weeks on the dot, I forget something important.  WTF.  I’m flat as a board, but running without a sports bra was seriously pure torture.

On my way home from the gym, I realized that the 5K road race that I thought was two Sundays away is actually just in 6 days away.  Ahhh!  I’m so not ready for this, I mean seriously, today I ran 3 miles in just under 27 minutes.  Ok, looking back this is actually right where I started off pace-wise as last year only my first 5K of the year is one month earlier so I am ahead of the game!  Last year my first 5K was April during marathon weekend.  Sunday’s goal is to to go under 26:35 – to match my Carson Beach 5K last May.  I don’t feel super prepared or anything, but I just think that I’m a better runner now – don’t get me wrong, this is For Sure going to hurt!  I’m also pretty sure this is an out-and-back course and I don’t enjoy those much.  It will be great to get back into the road race scene though, winters are dreary and I’m a big huge wimp – nicer weather somewhat disguises that. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to a food festival.  This does not bode well for my weight loss attempts!

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3 Responses to Upcoming 5K

  1. natasha says:

    I just saw your comment about stroller pushers, hahaha.

  2. Katie says:

    Are you by chance running the big 5k in Somerville? Just a guess, and I know that there are about a thousand 5ks going on this weekend for St. Patrick's Day, but I'm signed up to run the long Irish name 5k on Sunday! I can't lie– whether this is the one you're running or not, I'm a bit terrified. This is the biggest race that I've run yet!

  3. laura* says:

    Right there are 2 big 5ks. I'm doing the one this Sunday – An Ras Mor (in central sq. cambridge) I think you are doing – Ras Na hEireann (in davis sq. somerville) – that one is super fun!! I decided to try something new, but I did that one last year and the year before and it was great (a little hilly) but I find bigger races are better than small races!

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