Saturday Workout With A New Toy

My Saturday workout began with a run to the gym with my new Garmin 110 that my parent’s and brother gifted to me for my birthday.  I have to admit, the only reason I wanted one is because my old Garmin 305 was just embarrassingly huge on my tiny wrist… this one is actually a lot smaller if you can believe it (yeah, I have the time set on 24 hours for some reason, oh well, at least it has the time).  My opinion is that although it functions basically the same as the Garmin 305 for basic use (it also comes with a heart rate monitor), it is far lighter and better looking, it also has a light function which the 305 didn’t have (running at night), and it can store 180 hours of history.  However, it’s a lot more expensive so if you just want something to calculate your splits and distance, then you don’t need to spend the $249 that this one goes for – there are other models for around $117 on Amazon.

I had to break up my run a bit, but it was 1.75 miles to my gym in 15:51 (mile 1: 8:41 and 0.75: 7:09) and then I ran right onto a treadmill and did another 2.25 miles (averaging 9:00 – 9:15 pace) totaling 4.0 for the day, with a 5 minute cool down and then a 30 minute core class.  It felt really good today, my legs are starting to feel a little bit less like big lead weights and a little bit more like they remember they ran a marathon at some point in their feeble existence.

I recovered at home with a nice lunch and took a long nap – the nap was a horrible idea, I woke up with my muscles feeling like I had just run a race.  Maybe that means I need to stretch out longer after or cool down much longer, obviously I have no idea, I just put sneakers on and go.  I did however realize today that running tights in the winter are the best invention ever!  They are super tight, yet warm, and also somehow they look pretty good.  I always imagined they’d look hideous on my athletically built bottom half but I’m happy to say they didn’t make my ass look huge and they also kept me warm: two thumbs up.  Maybe this means it’s time for me to try leggings now that I’ve gotten over the whole bum hug and taper idea… ?

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One Response to Saturday Workout With A New Toy

  1. natasha says:

    Oh my God, you were so anti leggings!

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