The House That Will Remain Empty

I would like to start off by saying that I’m a very rational person and this is a true story.  Just remember that as you read about one of the houses we saw yesterday with our realtor…

The house specs: 2,300 square feet, 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 acres of land, with a detached barn (really it was more like a big shed), colonial style, all hardwood floors, brand new gorgeous finished basement with wet bar (best part of the damn house), attached 2 car garage.  The home has been empty for some time now.

We walk in, and take a brief look around but had to cut it short because the alarm kept going off.  Once the realtor fixed that problem, we really walked around and tried to get a feel for this house.  Initially, this was our favorite due to the massive amount of space and the deceiving photos online.

Abe: so what do you think?
Me: it’s not very warm or welcoming… it doesn’t feel like home.  – I just didn’t enjoy being there.
[Abe says to himself: ohhh she thinks this is haunted…]

We walked around a lot, we spent a lot of time here examining each of the many rooms and the entire time I just felt very unwanted in the house – not the point of like wanting to run away screaming, but enough so that I wouldn’t want to be alone in there on a daily basis and my husband travels a lot.  You can say it was just the fact that it was an old house and it was completely empty and had been on the market for 250 days.  It might have been the wall paper in the children’s bedrooms that was so bizarre (USS Constitution print, and Victorian lion print).  In the basement between the finished side and the other side with like the water heater and such was a huge wood barn door – that freaked me out.  On the other hand, one of the other homes we saw was also completely empty but it felt pretty warm in comparison, it wanted to be purchased, this old house did Not want to be bought by anyone.  I could feel it in my bones.

Abe: we should totally low ball them on this one!  It’s been on the market for so long.
Me: uh…well it needs a lot of work – all new windows, central air, appliances, new floors, cabinets, a whole new kitchen with tiles, new bathrooms, landscaping (there was no grass even under the snow) and we’d need so much furniture to fill this house.
Abe: but we could just offer them $40k less than the asking price because they keep coming down.
Me: uhhh…
Realtor: i can call the listing agent and find out the back story to the house and see if they would be willing to accept a much lower offer.  
Me: ok, that would be Great.  

Abe: so the realtor emailed me about that house… it’s haunted…
Me: really?
Abe: well probably.  A really old man lived there until he died there…
Me: AHHHHH!! I do no want that house!!

So lesson learned here – trust the feelings you have when you see a house if you are looking because there might be a dead person lingering in there waiting to haunt the shit out of you.

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One Response to The House That Will Remain Empty

  1. natasha says:

    he died there? crazyyyy. hahahaha i am giggling to myself.

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