Workout Update and Three Things

I didn’t have a fierce weekend workout.  Instead on Saturday I had:
19 minutes on the treadmill at various speeds = 2.0 miles booo
and then a 30 minute core class.  I never seem to time the treadmill workout before the class well enough, oh well, I can’t be bothered… my stomach was pretty upset so at least I did something.

Today, I did a 5k on the treadmill at building speeds starting at 9:40ish and ending at 8:35ish.  It was actually really good, the whole thing was about 28 minutes which is way slower than awesome but it felt good and I would have continued if I didn’t have someone breathing down my back for my machine.  Mondays at the gym are the worst!  It’s so busy, and there’s the whole “30 minute maximum during peak hours” thing that I don’t appreciate.

And now for the the exciting things that are boggling my mind these days:

1. Outside the house on Jersey Shore there is indoor furniture.  How and Why?  Does the crew move it inside at night?  It’s it actually outdoor furniture disguised as indoor furniture?  I mean, it’s not like nice or anything so I’d think that perhaps it was actually just expensive outdoor stuff.  I just don’t understand how ugly grandma furniture can resist mold and mildew while outdoors by the ocean…

This reminds me of some neighbors down the street that park on their lawn all the time.  I mean, they have a driveway, so why do they also park in their front lawn all the way up to the front door?  It’s a rental home, and you’d think that it would stop once tenants moved out and then new tenants moved in but no, the idiotness continues… last week they plowed their front lawn and parked on it during the blizzard.

2. My husband’s missed career path in the kitchen of a high end restaurant:

That would be sausage in that pan and it was delicious, cooked to perfection.  Sausage over lentils cooked in pork fat and pancetta: a non vegetarian’s wet dream, or just mine.  I would talk about this restaurant more but I may have a skewed opinion of it’s awesomeness because they treat us so well.

3.  My mom didn’t know that I don’t eat ice cream.  Mind Boggling.  I lived in that house for ages, she was a stay at home mother so she could be there at all moments yet she had no idea that I don’t eat ice cream due to being lactose intolerant.  She’s all apologizing that she didn’t get any vanilla ice cream to go with the cake and I’m like, “mom, we don’t eat ice cream… I’ve never eaten ice cream in this house…” and she was Blown away.  Other things she doesn’t know: I hate ricotta cheese and one or both of us is always hungover at family dinners.

Anyways, hopefully everyone is having a more thrilling start to the week than myself.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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