No to work, Yes to working out

How was your day off?  Mine was stupid, I didn’t do anything at all except hit the gym and mop the floor up from some boys playing fruit ninja in the kitchen last night with lemons and knives (seriously).

15 minute drive through traffic to my gym 2.5 miles away.  What the heck?
15 minutes to find a stupid parking spot, and then the fun really began…

Treadmill workout

1/2 mile @ 9:22 pace
1/2 mile @ 9:05 pace
1 mile @ 8:49 pace
1/2 mile @8:35 pace
1/2 mile @8:19 pace – oh the pain
1 min. quick walking cool down
Total 3 miles.  I was hoping for 4 today but the parking lot had other ideas so maybe tomorrow.
Then 45 minute cardio and resistance bands class (this was A Lot more challenging than I had planned on, OMG, I was dying in the back.)

Mile-wise this clearly was a pretty short workout, but then adding in another 45 minutes of cross training/strength really did me in.  I just wanted to curl up into a little ball after and hydrate.  Some people like to start back slow so they can get their bearings and not push too hard right away.  I’m not in that group of people, I like to jump into the deep end immediately.  My thoughts are that people can push themselves so much harder than they think they can, so don’t waste the time, just get in there and go – everyone is different!  

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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