Not Feeling It

Thursday, I pinched a nerve while drying my hair.  Laugh all you like, but ever since I hurt my neck last spring (read about retarded neck injuries here) almost any daily activity is a risk for hurting my neck again.  I made it through Friday, and this morning it seems to be a little worse so I decided to skip out on my favorite abs class of the week.  Yeah, big freaking deal, I miss one class!  I do find myself really angry about it though, like I really wanted to be tortured on a mat or something.  Which instead, led me to Internet surfing as a form of entertainment and I was reading all about stupid shit that famous people do when I came across Colin Ferrell and I was like: wait, dude is still famous?  That brought me back to when I saw him at the Miami airport and he totally saw me staring at him trying to figure out if it was Really him, and instead of me like acknowledging his star power – we got up and moved our seats (he looked Terrible!).  Why??  Why?? Because it was Freaking Colin Ferrell and not like Brad Pitt or like John Hamm or whatever, and nobody cares.

Also things that nobody cares about, but I kind of do:

I have a case of Pop Chips sitting in my dining room.  Did someone send me some free products to review on my blog? No, actually I bought a case of Pop Chips on Amazon through my own desire for a really crunchy snack.  They are the best chips ever and only 100 cals per bag, so naturally that means I can eat more than 1 bag at a time right?!  Ok, maybe not, but they’re really good so try them if you are a chips person (the BBQ ones are the best).

Our Christmas ornaments are off the tree and organized this time around, unlike last year when I found multiple ornaments broken or missing.  Tree pickup is in a couple days so it was time for this shit to come down and go away for another year.  If you’re looking for something this awesome, you can find it at Target on clearance for $7 or at least at my ghetto store location.  As boring and stupid as this sounds, it will make you hate holiday cleanup a little less.  There is always the option to throw it all out in one toss… I always have that urge.

My Sunday advice to you all: get a snack, throw your holiday decorations out the window, and try not to pinch a nerve while doing those things.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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