First Wedding of The Year

We went to a winter wedding yesterday for my good friend from high school.  Luckily for everyone, I was completely not hungover (like the bride might have been) this might have been a less than enjoyable experience.  When we arrived at the church his parents didn’t even recognize me for a minute, and I was over his house like everyday as a teenager (the unibrow and short hair years), but the surprise on his mother’s face was like gold.  A lot happened in the ten years since I’ve seen them, I was like: meet my husband, they were like Whoa… I’m pretty sure they had one of those moments where time seems to have run away.  Anyways, the ceremony was in a really nice church in the heart of Harvard Square and the reception was at a hotel down the street.

[the groom, this in fact a horrible photo of him]

Two things at this wedding that I’ve never ever seen before… passed cookies and double shots of milk… and somewhere around 10:30 about 25 pizzas arrived and one pizza was delivered to each table.  I mean sure the dinner wasn’t something to write home about, but I wouldn’t say that people were hungry or anything… it was still pretty cool. 

I had a great time catching up with friends from my high school swimming days, and celebrating the marriage of two really great people, they really are an excellent match for each other.  Seeing people on the happiest days of their lives really makes you feel good and it made me appreciative for what I have in life today. 

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