Happy Freaking New Year

New Year’s Eve – my least favorite holiday of the year.  It’s nothing personal, I just don’t love the build up of nothing at all, and then having to find my way home into the night with people out trying to kill me.  I’m trying to find a way to be excited about it this year, but mustering something out of nothing is not easy.  Due to my cloudy memory and college binge drinking, I can only remember 2 NYEs clearly: 1. there was a girl fight in a frat house, and one girl almost ripped the head off another girl.  Obviously the fight was over a boy, and I’ve never been so terrified before.  2. My friend threw up all over herself on the train ruining what was a very cute winter jacket, but there was an epic amount of alcohol involved.  Beyond college, I’ve had many a NYE but I can only remember 3: 1. we were supposed to drive to Canada but due to a really nasty storm, we couldn’t, and stayed home.  2. one year we sat on the couch the entire night, my husband had a stomach bug and I drank an entire bottle of champagne out of boredom and puked.  3. last year, we got a 6 foot sub, and had a house party – obviously the sub was the guest of honor.

This year, who knows what might happen.  I will try to remember it for you all though because nothing delivers better blog material than a night out drinking with shameless behavior at a less than exciting party.

2010 was great…

  • We went on a cruise to Grand Cayman and Key West
  • I survived marathon training during the hottest summer in recent memory and then ran my first marathon in Chicago – my new favorite city.
  • I was a bridesmaid for the first time in the most beautiful wedding
  • I visited my BFF in Philadelphia and ate a steak and cheese
  • We had our 1 year wedding anniversary
  • We spent the 4th of July in Newport, RI very last minute
  • I joined a running group/team whatever and it improved my running a ton
  • I quit eating sushi because I suddenly fear parasites 
  • I didn’t kill anyone on a vacation to the Cape with my parents
  • We saw Wicked and failed to see what all the hype was about

I’m ready for a better 2011.  I don’t like to make new year’s resolutions or goals, but I’m really looking forward to going on a couple vacations and maybe buying a house.  This is going to be a big year for us in the whole Becoming Adults department (snore), so obviously our first vacation of the year in January is going to be to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – for real. 

[cheers, don’t forget your 6 foot Italian sub to eat with the champagne!]

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Happy Freaking New Year

  1. sarah says:

    NYE is my least favorite holiday as well. I don't have a serious distaste, but I also don't like being forced to stay awake past my bedtime. My most memorable New Year's involved a bottle of champagne to myself. That was 2001, and all years have paled in comparison.

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