My Island… The Couch

Does this look like the face of someone who had an enjoyable day off?  Or does it look like someone who almost threw up all over the place while trying to do a second workout at her over priced gym?

This was just not my day from the beginning.  I was minding my own business on the couch this morning when all of a sudden the tv just went black.  What does that mean?  Did the cable go out or did the tv just die? – the horror.   I turned it on and off, but it said no signal.  I called Comcast and inquired whether there were any cable outages in my area, they politely let me know that I’m not a customer with them…woops.  I called RCN and again inquired about cable outages, the Rep politely asked me if maybe the cable box had gotten shut off by accident.  Ok, he won, the mother effing cable box had somehow shut itself off!  The only thing I did know was that I didn’t press anything, the remotes weren’t anywhere near me, and there was no way that I wanted to have to call customer service over that.

My entire day was revolving around the two classes I wanted to take at the gym: core and bosu challenge (weights, cardio, limitless pain).  I fought for 10 minutes to find a parking spot, and then I was changing in the locker room when it hit me – no sneakers, only big furry snow boots.  I did my core class in bare feet but there was really no way I could go past that, so I came back home and signed up to take the same bosu class at night during my usual time.  How was it? Oh it sucked.  It sucked a lot, but it got me off the couch for a while and my ass is seriously starting to imprint itself here.  I don’t know what my problem is, but doing a whole lot of nothing is my anthem these days.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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