I’d like to invent heated driveways

I was snowed in for two days and my sanity is barely intact.  The highlight of these two days was watching The Town, so now the entire northeast has finally seen it.  Blake Lively, you are really good at being a drug-addicted-and dealing Ho… nice hoops.  I swear that nobody here looks like that because our trash looks like authentic trash, not like a model with messed up hair and a bad outfit.  There are in fact too many teeth in your mouth… 

There was only one authentic Boston accent in that movie from Ben Affleck, and everyone else… it’s Ok to just Not have an accent, you don’t have to force it people.  Perhaps the worst Boston accent ever belongs to this girl though – Vera Farmiga in The Departed.  That performance pained me to no end, she’s the reason that I can’t watch the movie ever again.

Or Julianne Moore on 30 Rock.  Why would anyone choose her??  Funny yes, anything close to being authentically Boston?  No.

Anyways, Boston accent rant is now over and now Boston storm rant continues.

My town is nice and clean, but when I dropped off my husband at the T this morning it was funny to see that just a mile down the street, the city area is a total disaster.  I remember back when I’d have to shovel my silver Jetta (the silver bullet) out of snow storms on the side of the street 5-10 times a winter.  Those days sucked much like the apartment that I was living in back in 2006.  This is a whole different rant for another day.

Enjoy the melting snow, I need to get my ass to the gym even though I’m still really sore from my short run to the gym on Saturday (confirmation that I’m ridiculously out of shape).

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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