Prime Rib, Pu Pu Platters, and Shovels

This was my Christmas late lunch with my family… that piece of meat is as large as it seems.  Prime rib cooked medium rare with au jus and plenty of veg.  My dad was so proud of this hunk of beef, maybe it’s the little things these days that make him happy.

After our late lunch (which we stuffed ourselves stupid at), we had a late dinner at a local Chinese food joint with our friend…who happens to be Jewish and thinks that Chinese food on Christmas is like a way of life.  It was my first experience doing this, but I guess this stereotype is very much true considering how insanely busy it was, but it’s also genius.  The food was amazing, and honestly it was a really fun way to end Christmas with a good friend.  We even brought him a musical gift:

Today, there is a storm fast approaching.  I was thinking that I’d work out in the morning and then hunker down in the afternoon, but my gym shares a parking lot with like the only grocery store nearby with parking so it’s kind of a madhouse when there are any weather issues and sometimes you can’t even find a parking spot.  That sort of thing ruins my mood.  Solution: Run to the gym and work out…that works right?  I bundled up, put on a fuzzy ear band thingy, and set off to the gym about 2.5 miles away.  No big thing right?  Barely a warm up even?  Or, it’s a huffing and puffing nightmare come to life with snow blasting me in the face, my hands going numb (no gloves), and realizing that this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever run outside in the winter!  Yes, my first time ever running outside when there is snow on the ground.  It wouldn’t have been that bad if I wasn’t so far out of running shape, shit that was so hard.  I barely made it there, but it did feel nice to run without a tv screen in front of me and to have fresh air to breath.

It’s going to be a long afternoon of watching football on the couch, so at least I was able to get in some time being active as well as being one of those crazy people who stocks up on “essentials” (diet coke, frozen pizza, frozen burritos, baby cucumbers, and arugula? wtf) when the city decides to go into a snow emergency situation.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, none of what we bought today made any sense – especially the ingredients for a homemade stromboli.  I’m pretty sure we could survive snowed in for a good week with all the stuff we have in our pantry right now.

Let it snow, we’re ready.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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