Still doesn’t feel like Christmas

Merry Christmas.
We’re having a late Christmas lunch of prime rib this year, which means… we can have Chinese food for dinner!!  There is nothing more exciting the satisfaction of good Chinese food piling on top of my plate.  Christmas is about family, food, and piles of gifts… ok, maybe it’s really only about food.  This is like an Intervention waiting to happen.  We are addicted to good food, So What, we don’t want help we just want more good food.

Welcome to the kiddie table where people serve you and cut up your lasagna.  I mean why have kids when you can just hang out with the cool ones and have people bring you beers?  – I kid, I kid.  It’s still the best table to sit at with these two on Christmas Eve.

In a few hours, my dad is going to bring out a prime rib beaming with pride over a piece of meat.  We’ll be there to help him appreciate it and all it’s glory.  Go Meat!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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