Storm Tips

Oh, so it took you an hour to drive 5 miles?  It must be the first snow fall in New England.  God, people, just DRIVE!!  Strap on a pair, and just put your foot on the gas.  Honestly, there is something wrong with my fellow Bostonians, the second there is a spat of precipitation you can count on shit hitting the fan.  I mean there’s 1 inch of snow on the ground.  I’m no better than the idiots out there right now, I mean I don’t even have a shovel, I barely even have road rage which is good that I don’t have a shovel…what?  WHAT!?  I don’t know, commuting is a real bummer man especially at dinner time when you’re starving and feeling like control is slipping away.  Storm Tip #1: Bring snacks.  Storm Tip #2: Bring Shovels.

I am not a psychopath.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Storm Tips

  1. sarah says:

    A high school acquaintance posted this as her facebook status: The title of my autobiography? "Painfully Aware That I'm The Only Person Worthy Of A Driver's License Because Everyone Drives Like An Asshole, Except Me: The [her name] Story".We haven't talked in years, but I "liked" it.

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