Where has all the time gone?

Check out this basket.  That homemade sugar cookie with royal icing on the left with a reindeer face – that baby was the first one to go into my belly.  I’ve eaten 75% of this basket already: cookies, peppermint bark, coconut ball things, peanut butter ball things, fudge, and hot chocolate.  My friend Kerri put this together, and it melted my ice cold heart through my stomach.

Why the silence around here?  I feel like lately nothing important enough has happened around here to bother mentioning… and now here goes a list of things that probably weren’t worth mentioning:

The Beatles are on iTunes and I couldn’t give two shits, I might have bad taste in music… but I also know when a dead horse has been beaten down dead.  Buy that music if you must, but don’t expect it to sound any different than it did before it was on iTunes. 

There is still a trash bag under our fat tree.  Instead of caving in and buying a stupid expensive tree skirt, I’ve piled gifts all around it.  This hides that we are ridiculous, but doesn’t change it.

My friend bought me The Sims 3 for Christmas… I have a problem.  I’m addicted to a computer game.  I’ve become the person that is embarrassing to be friends with.  I talk about my sims like they are real people, like how people talk about their pets… but pets are real and you feed them real food.

They don’t serve fried food at Army basic training anymore.  I was like: THEY SERVED DONUTS AT BASIC TRAINING?!  If I ate a donut, there’s no way I could work out all day after that even if it was honey dipped or jelly (my favorite).  I’d be wiping puke off myself the entire day and nobody wants that.

Black Swan.  It was a complete mind fuck.  I liked many parts of it: the dancing, the intensity, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis (don’t you just want to be her friend?  I do).  I did not like the graphic nature of many parts of it.  No the love scenes didn’t bother me, it was the other graphic things that if you saw you’d be like: oh yeah it made me squirm, also those girls need to eat a donut or two.

In my latest Runner’s World they sometimes have a section on celebrities or notable people who are runners, and I usually really enjoy this… unless they lie, and you can tell when they do, like this guy:

The guy in the green shirt and extra jacket layer (that they always make him wear) to hide extra weight (it’s not doing a thing).  He claims he is a runner, he also claims that he runs to keep weight off.  Dude: You have the grossest job on the planet, and you cannot hide it.  Sure the job seems cool, but it’s basically eating large quantities of food (like for 10 people) in one sitting and it never looks tasty.  He might be a runner, and I may be judging a little too hard here, but WTF… that is all. 

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to Where has all the time gone?

  1. eatdrinkrun says:

    Hahahaha I love that you still have the trash bag as a tree skirt! It's part of the decor now!

  2. laura* says:

    I am so good at being lazy! That bag is staying there for 3 more weeks.

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