Bottoms Up

Remember the last time your head was in the toilet at 2am from drinking?
I remember that moment well, it was Friday night, and it only took 3 glasses of wine to get me to that horrible place.  Me + alcohol + very small amount of dinner = complete and total disaster.  I went out for drinks after work with a couple of girls in town, had lots of fun, piled into a cab and headed home making a beeline for bed.  I am way too old for this sort of thing, not way too old for drinking 3 glasses of wine, but way too old to end up throwing up dinner at 2am.  

To prove to myself that it’s just a hangover and it won’t actually kill me, I threw on some spandex and headed to my Saturday abs class at my gym.  How did that go?  It Was Insane.  I’m pretty sure it was extra hard today because when it was over everyone just sprawled out on their mats and 30 people didn’t move for at least 2 minutes… and I’m pretty sure the instructor was laughing under his breathe.  Damn Him.  The class didn’t kill me, but it came too close for comfort. 

 (This night actually did not end with drinking too much)

I might be getting up there, which means that I have a lot of experience when it comes to living life after a night of overindulgence.  Things that make me feel productive enough to say I Won:

  • Going to the gym while secretly hydrating x3
  • Washing all the bed linens, blankets, duvet cover, etc.
  • Dusting all the furniture
  • Sharking all the dust bunnies – dust busting basically
  • Watering all the plants
  • Running the dishwasher
  • Taking an actual shower before dinner
  • And then realizing that everything I just did is something that old people do!

You know, whatever, if I were 22 and hungover you bet this is what I would have done:

  • Breakfast sandwich, barely able to eat more than 3 bites
  • Massive amounts of Gatorade and water
  • Cozied up on the couch for Lifetime or other worthless TV watching
  • No shower, PJs all day long
  • Probably massaging my feet from all the previous night’s dancing in heels
  • Long naps
  • Trying to figure out where someone’s camera was
  • Trying to figure out what bars we even went to

That stuff is for the birds, I’d rather be watering plants with a headache.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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