Stupid Treadmilll, Stupid Lottery

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for a measly 30 minutes and today…I’m Sore!  Sore!!  My workout was pretty easy:

Mile 1: 9:00 incline 1.0
Mile 2: 9:00 incline of 4.0
Mile 3: 8:45 incline 1.0
walk/jog cool down
lots of stretching

Nothing to write home about here, yet still I’m feeling a little tight today in the little muscles that I forgot I had.  Dammit!  I thought that maybe training for a marathon might stick with me a little bit more than this but I guess not.  Apparently lazy people don’t get to keep their fitness.

On Monday, I entered the lottery for the 2011 NYC Marathon!  The course looks challenging and also like the most amazing time ever while running such a distance.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get in with their Monday Mania lottery – which I thought would be a special drawing of more than 50 people… I was kind of thinking more along the amount of 1,000 and then it turns out it’s like a handful of winners.  Oh well, I guess I can wait to find out until the spring.  I hope both that I get in so that I can run my final marathon, and at the same time I hope that I don’t get in so I can concentrate on shorter races and have more time to do fun things during the summer.  It’s really a win/win or lose/lose, however you want to look at it.

If I get into this race, my main goal will only be to beat my Chicago time which I am 100% sure I can do.  That was not a good time at all, and then I’ll also be able to put a real goal number on it once I hit the track workouts with my club and you know…not hurt myself between here and there or have a baby.  I’m kidding, I’m not having a baby in the next year because I have many selfish things left to do like meet personal goals and go on vacations to Asia.

If I don’t get into this race that I’m currently obsessing over, my goals will be to get into the BAA 5k and half marathon, the Falmouth 10k, and any other 5k in my area that is easily accessible and to set a massive PR in the 5k and half marathon.  I’ve never run a 10k before so I can’t even predict how that one might go, it’s like not so much the sprint of a 5k but the pace would still be fast.  I’ll have to let you know how it goes!  I’m looking forward to it and I have no idea how much it’s going to suck (I imagine it will be 90 degrees on the Cape in August), that’s really the beauty of it.   

I’m going to get back to thinking about races and not actually running them.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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