Thank God for live streaming ING NYC Marathon coverage

Watching the ING NYC Marathon makes me want to be there running with everyone even though I’ve pretty much hung up my sneakers for any distance running for the rest of the cold weather season (man the beginning of November is just frigid).  There was something really special about Chicago, and I think that New York has that similar feel to it.  It’s just one of those races that makes you feel good to watch, and even though there’s like a ridiculous amount of people it seems like the more the merrier when it comes to marathons.  Suffering together is better than suffering alone.  It’s been my plan to try and get into NYC through their lottery system ever since Chicago, I just hope it doesn’t take too long (next year would be ideal!) but I’m willing to wait for something like this.  Anyone who has ever run the NYC marathon, is it worth the long wait (lottery-wise if you don’t get in the first time)?  Is it worth being so late in the season too (training the last few weeks in the cold and the dark)?  Please tell me yes.

Lately, I’ve been taking some core classes at my gym to try and rediscover all my strength lost and these 30 minute classes are totally kicking my ass.  I’m having full body shaking while trying to hold positions, and sweating through my clothes looking ridiculous, it’s really pathetic.  I used to be able hold all kinds of planks, and even the basic position is like agony for 60 seconds.  The next day is always much worse, sneezing is a fun little reminder that I’m totally out of shape especially my abs.  I can’t wait to see what they look like after a few more weeks of this, I might actually see definition!  Too bad they will be hiding under baggy sweaters for 5 more months.  Ah well, the timing is never right.

Post-marathon living has been really interesting.  It’s been about 4 weeks since Chicago and I’m still feeling some little aches and pains.  My knees sometimes feel a little off, my hips crack a lot, and I have some lingering groin tightness sometimes.  It’s nothing that would stop me from exercising or anything like that but it just seems like all that should be healed by now (I’m getting Really old it seems), maybe I just need to strengthen things up or maybe I shouldn’t be a distance runner or something.  Oddly enough in 4 weeks I’ve somehow lost 5 pounds, it just came right off, and let me tell you it makes no sense to me.  Aren’t I supposed to be leaner while running a lot?  I may have been a victim of over-fueling and consuming more calories than I was actually burning during the shorter weekday runs.  Maybe I’ve been letting the cold dark weather get me down?  I know that on my frame 5 pounds make a big difference, so I am enjoying this little perk, I just don’t really get it.  Maybe it’s one of those things where I lose 5 now, but later gain 15? – I freaking hope not.

It’s time to start thinking about upcoming races…winter makes me angry, it makes it much more exciting to think ahead to when the sun actually shines.

Monday morning opens the lottery for the ING NYC 2011 Marathon, the only other marathon I want to do, I hope that I am accepted otherwise you guys are going to have to read to way too many local 5K and 10K recaps.  

At least I can run a marathon faster than Al Roker and the Subway Guy. 

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One Response to Thank God for live streaming ING NYC Marathon coverage

  1. angryrunner says:

    NY is DEFINITELY worth running at least once. You see the city in a way you probably wouldn't, and the crowds are unreal. (1st Ave really is like nothing else – nothing in Chicago came close) I qualified, so I never had to do the lottery…but I know if you're not a NY'er, your odds of getting picked in the lottery are better. That said, its a tricky course (far tougher than Boston if you ask me) and the logistics are a bit rough. The early morning ferry ride is cool, though the starting corral system is a bit confusing. If you're in a later wave you might be really crowded for awhile. Also, its worth noting there are a lot of Europeans in the field which leads to more shoving, bathroom line ignoring, etc. (Not saying this to sound xenophobic, it's just how it is – just a cultural thing.) Really minor annoyances in the end – I say go for it! I had a hard time watching it today because I felt like I needed to be out there!

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