Confession: I am a big eater…

You would think that coming off running a marathon that I’d have this really great disciplined eating routine.  I’ve always eaten pretty healthy: limiting red meat, eating loads of veggies, my biggest downfall is quantity… I’m always eating too much and too many carbs.  That’s something that I struggled with during marathon training, how do I know when I’ve eaten enough because honest to God I don’t really know when I’m full… I just keep eating until I’m stuffed, generally eating like 2 servings of whatever is there.  Not a huge deal, my weight at the beginning of marathon training was basically the same at the end of marathon training.  You think you’ll lose a lot of weight while running a ton?  You probably will if you have a good understanding of the whole: calories in vs. calories out concept that seems simple but is in fact difficult.  I need to take control of the food situation around here or someone is about to balloon to 400 pounds, so time to stop shoving candy corn in my face followed by tortilla chips and brownies and get back to the fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

[This is an Italian beef sandwich from Portillos… it was so greasy that the paper it came in changed from white to clear and I loved every single artery clogging bite.]

Tomorrow is going to be my first workout post-marathon, I’m going to hit the treadmill since bad weather is expected and do a light 4-5 miles with core and weights.  I just barely squeaked by the whole marathon thing, so I really need to work on my strength and flexibility so next race I’ll be able to run faster than a shuffle at the end (yes, I plan on many more races, go running!).  Friday nights at the gym are awesome, I realize what that sounds like… and I really am that exciting.  It’s like: I get the choice of Any Treadmill in this whole place??  Amazing.  I don’t have to fight for mirror space by the weights.  Love.  I can sit in the steam room without naked strangers?  Fantastic.

Now that I have time to cook real foods with real nutritional value, I’ll be using the Front Burner’s take on spaghetti squash with some sauteed onions, zucchini, and tomatoes… no dessert tonight, I think there is enough sugar swirling in my tummy from all the candy corn eaten earlier today.  Time to get back on the wagon… or at least attempt to.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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