Chicago: The Funny, The Fun, and The Ugly

After digesting the marathon a few days later… I’m trying to remember the really fun parts about the marathon.  First of all it was a Sunday, so Everyone and their mother living in Chicago was there and they were actually cheering for people for Hours… Hours!  I mean when I watch the Boston marathon, I’m a little ashamed to say I basically stay through the elites because I never know anyone in it, and then I head home… I am the worst spectator ever.  Luckily, people in Chicago are way better than I am.

My favorite signs on the Chicago Marathon course – 

  • At mile 7… “You’re Almost Done!” later, the same sign appeared at 16…
  • “Only Psychos Can Finish Marathons”
  • “Hey Stranger, I’m Really Proud of You”
  • “Are Your Nipples Bleeding Yet?”
  • “Run You Bitches”
  • “Run For the Cheese”

My favorite moments –

  • Getting sprayed down with a fire hose, literally a fire hose by a fully uniformed fire fighter, and getting so soaking wet that my ear buds stopped working for a mile. 
  • Using a sponge full of water, only later to hear that in fact those sponges were being picked up off the ground and reloaded with water from a kiddie pool for more runners… second hand sponges… gross.
  • Slipping on a banana peel and comically almost falling right on my ass.  Why bananas? 
  • The group of all male cheerleaders, you were Really perky!
  • Running by a ton of orange peels only to realize they had in fact been eaten by all the fast people and there were none left for the little guys, ah well, you snooze you lose.
  • Watching people chat on their phones while running and taking photos of themselves… yes for real.

The reason that we’ll never stay at the W on Lakeshore Ave. again…

The bathroom has an effing window to the bedroom… why the F would a bathroom need that kind of window sure they shut but not Really, not to mention that the door didn’t actually close.  Even for a married couple this was a bit too intimate. [Husband is tactfully posing, not actually using the toilet, that would be vulgar.]
Also, see the shower, it has half of a door.  I can’t even tell you how much we paid to stay in a hotel like this… I mean this was just a stupid concept that nobody thinks is cool.  I never thought that I’d have to ask a hotel if their bathrooms had working doors or a window to the bedroom, but I have learned from this experience. 

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2 Responses to Chicago: The Funny, The Fun, and The Ugly

  1. sarah says:

    Did the john have a bidet too?!? Because that would be classy.Very nice job on your first. It's awesome to hear what a positive experience you had!

  2. eatdrinkrun says:

    Weird – I've stayed at several W hotels that had normal bathrooms, so it's not all of them! But yeah, that would be kind of annoying.I saw a sign that said "You're NOT Almost Done!" I wonder if it was the same one, and they added the NOT? ;)Anyway, congrats! It was a tough out there!

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