Running Boredom

I haven’t posted all week because nothing worth anything has happened around here lately.  I fell on my face at work – twice (heel catching on folded up hem of pants) yes everyone saw me, almost died from some idiot’s body odor on the bus… it was an emergency situation, got lost in a library, got the “you are cured” from both my doctor and my physical therapist, got two filling replacements at the dentist, cashed in a million effing frequent flyer miles to Chicago for the marathon so we wouldn’t have to spend $1,200, and I watched TV premieres all week long.  That’s really my lame week in a nutshell.

Chicago is Really soon and I’m finding it difficult to find the desire to run right now.  I can run a handful of miles quick with my group, I can run a few miles of hills, but these legs are saying: long distance is for the birds.  I’m bored with the miles, bored with my running routes, bored with running in the dark.  I’m especially bored with the amount of time I’ve put into this whole race before the race has even happened.  I am sure other people get really restless a couple weeks before a race, but I kind of thought this is when it became fun… you know scaling back, lighter runs, more rest, more time for fun things.  So you know, just hanging here, wishing that the race would hurry up and get started. 

I’m already thinking about races past the marathon as if it’s already happened.  I’m planning on doing the B.A.A. 5K again because it’s fun, the 5K St. Patty’s day run, and then a half marathon in the late spring/early summer, maybe a 5K or two if they are local, followed by a 10K in the middle to late summer, and then another local half marathon in October.  I really want to learn to run a fast 5K and half marathon obviously, I’ll be joining my team for the track workouts so I can learn how to run faster than a middle aged double wide stroller pusher.  Or you know, I will get accepted into the NYC Marathon via lottery system (this will never happen…secret sigh of relief… but I will keep entering and eventually I will run through those boroughs, see you in NYC in 2014).   

So anyways, has anyone started their holiday wish lists yet?  I have.  What’s on it?  CEP compression socks because this girl knows how to have a good time.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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