That was a Tough 20

Yesterday, I had to run 20 miles.  I mean not only was it on my marathon training schedule but it was also going to be a good indicator of how far I can push myself, so it was also sort of a much needed mental boost. 

Mile 1: Maybe 56 degrees doesn’t mean that I need to wear a long sleeve shirt over my short sleeve shirt because I’m already dying.  What will the weather in Chicago be like? I’m not prepared for weather…
Mile 2: GOD it’s so humid out, WTF.  Ugh, I feel terrible today.
Mile 3: [ran into my gym, dropped off my long sleeve shirt into a locker] continued on.
Mile 4: Why don’t I feel warmed up yet?  [And a dog just ran straight into me…why?]
Mile 5: This isn’t working today.  Today would be a good day to have a partner.
Mile 6: I want to stop, but I can’t stop.  Am I already shuffling?
Mile 7: Where is the nearest bus… if I can find a bus to take me back to Harvard Sq. then I can jump on another bus to get home… this is a brilliant idea.
Mile 8: Legs are heavy, so heavy.  Need to stretch.
Mile 9: Do I really Need to do 20 today? 
Mile 10: This is the shittiest run I’ve had a in long time, I might as well just come to grips with the awful splits and then heavy legs.  Let’s stop and stretch, and wtf is that??

It’s not a great photo, but basically it’s this like outdoor workout area that has pull up bars on the right and elliptical type things on the left.  Do all cities have this or is it like the strangest thing you’ve ever seen?  I don’t get it.
Miles 11-15: Reached a whole new level of pain.  This is same kind of pain I felt at mile 18 of last week’s long run, my legs were just so tired and sore.  Every step had become a major effort.
Mile 16: Stop, Stretch, Die a little inside.  Text my husband to tell him that I’d be longer than predicted so he wouldn’t freak out and think I was laying on the side of the road half dead.

Stood on the side of the river and was like: Oh my God, I can see my office.  I have to get out of here, it’s just too close.  I’ve never run all the way to Back Bay before…
Mile 17: Ok, three more miles, just keep running, don’t stop, get through it.
Mile 18: Ran into my gym, picked up my long sleeve shirt, stuffed it into my Camelbak and kept going.  Still wanting to die, especially now that my Camelbak is so uncomfortable.
Mile 19: My face was really salty, craved a Gatorade real bad.
Mile 20: That was a shit storm of a run, but I finished.

I don’t think that I did anything wrong: ate a decent dinner, went to bed early, did my usual morning routine.  The only thing that I did differently was that Friday night I went out and ran a 5K in the dark… I felt compelled to up my mileage a tiny bit because my week total was really low.  Sure it wasn’t a good idea, but I don’t think that’s why my long run sucked so bad.  I think sometimes it just happens, not everyday can be a good run.  So I learned that even when things aren’t going so great, I can still get through 20 miles which is amazing in itself because I remember when 5Ks were a struggle.

What else?  Body Glide works.  During long runs my sports bra was seriously chaffing me and no matter which one I wore, they all did the same thing.  I finally caved and got some Body Glide thinking it wouldn’t work but it worked.  Also I used it on my arms where my Camelbak sometimes rubs, and again, no chaffing there either.  I mean I didn’t need any more discomfort during that run, I’m glad it didn’t let me down.

That night after dinner out and 2 glasses of wine (1 too many unfortunately) I slept 11 hours and felt much less pain when I woke up.  I love recovery days!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to That was a Tough 20

  1. sarah says:

    I always used to brag that I didn't need any Vaseline/glide/whatever because I was immune to chafing. THAT period in my life ended…a couple of months ago. I still haven't tried anything to get rid of my underbosom marks, though. TMI? Sorry.I can't imagine running 20 miles, so…yeah! Mad congratulations. That is way too far. And now it's done.

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