Nobody likes the rain, especially me

How to let the weather ruin your run.

1. Leave for work not knowing it would rain.
2. Don’t pack anything for the gym, because hey you can run outside when you get home.
3. Watch the dark sky take over your neighborhood helpless to the situation.
4. Change into running gear and then realize that loud annoying sound is rain pounding down from the sky and then pause and sigh as loud as possible because your medium sized run just got screwed.
I Really didn’t want to get my sneakers wet again.  I ran in the pouring freaking rain on Monday night and it took them until Wednesday to fully dry out.  Yeah, I just need them to be in good condition for my long run on Saturday no matter what and I don’t trust my old ones anymore.  Stupid excuse?  Yes.  Valid?  Oh Yes.  I don’t think that anyone Wants to run in soggy sneakers.  I have 20 miles planned so I need things to be in order because it’s probably going to be ugly.
Instead of running, I made sure to get in a good stretch and then I ate a ton of homemade pizza with veggies.  It was amazing, yeah not to brag, but it was fantastic – perhaps the only good thing that came out of skipping my run.  There’s something so fulfilling about making dinner for two people for the cost of my tall soy pumpkin spiced latte.    
Other than the (thankfully) dry sneakers and the homemade pizza, one of my favorite shows is back tonight!  I know this is a total: you love it or hate it show, but there’s nothing I love more than a group of misguided idiots (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).  Oh yes, the offensive shit is about to rain down.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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