Living in Constant WTF

No city is entirely normal, but things are really strange around here this week.
On my Thursday evening 8 mile run a woman spit on me.  Not like on me, but right at my feet as I ran by and it’s not like she didn’t see me coming.  Why would anyone do this?  She could have spit in the other direction or just not at all I mean she was carrying groceries not exercising.

Conversation on a regular day.
Me: I’ve been flossing a lot more since I went to this new Dentist.
Friend: Yeah, I mean I don’t know why I don’t floss more often.  I’m always just sitting on the couch or in bed, I could just do it then.
Me: Wait… you floss in bed?
Friend: Yeah.
Me: What!  No, that’s just gross, you don’t Actually do that do you? 
Friend: Yeah I do.
Me: I’m telling you that’s not normal and it really is pretty gross.  I’m really grossed out by that habit.
Friend: No!  It’s not that bad, you are exaggerating.
Me: Ok, I need assistance on this one, you need to know this is not Ok.  I mean besides the fact it was on The Marriage Ref and the country decided it was gross.
Third Party: Flossing anywhere but in the bathroom is completely unacceptable.
Me: I know, right?  I would like breakup with someone over that. 
Third Party: I wouldn’t even talk to them, I would throw that person off a cliff.
[Who’s exaggerating now?]

Today, saw a man drinking from a gallon of milk on a bench in an upscale mall.  He was dressed nicely as if he were just taking a little lunch break but he happened to bring a gallon of milk instead of say a cup.  I really hope he didn’t drink that whole thing.  I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

I just got an email asking me to volunteer for the Fluff Festival.  Fluff was invented here and I can learn all about the millions of uses for it, and if I ever ate this mystery product I might actually do it. 

This week in Boston they found an alligator in the Charles River.  An Alligator Bs, and it was Real.  I love wild life, but I do not like big chomping ugly creatures roaming free where I live.

There are thousands of fresh water jellyfish in Walden Pond.  It makes no sense.  My BFF said that world is ending, I can’t even get into the bizarre stuff that people are doing with Tylenol to kill snakes.

Anyways, Happy Friday, I know this post was a waste of time for many of you.
I hope everyone eats something delicious tonight!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Living in Constant WTF

  1. sarah says:

    I stayed at a house with a friend who sat with her toothbrush in her mouth whilst we watched TV. I looked the other way. Flossing in bed is even more vile, and actually makes me a little sick to think about now.

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