Summer wrap-up

Wait… summer is over?  No way.  Suddenly everyone is a little less chipper including myself.  I found this photo on my computer and I was like: hm… a thinker or a psychopath?  This is what I get for not taking more Real photos, a whole stock of retarded ones.

This summer was really awesome this year, we didn’t really do anything too crazy but I got to see my girlfriends a lot, all of them!  Somehow we all got split up and live all over the place since college, I mean college was like effing a million years ago but you know, I still like to think of myself as young.  I can’t hold my liquor anymore, but I can still hang and be hilarious.

I joined a running club and actually improved really quickly till I busted my pelvis.  Later, I got to show about 3 doctor’s and one physical therapist my junk.  I’m oddly immune to it now, even though I really want to say: hey eyes up here buddy –  each time.  And the next time someone I know says: hey how’s your hip doing?  I’m going to punch them square in the nose.  Pelvis does not equal hip on any part of this planet.

I went the whole summer without cooking anything really new except for pie.  You know what I learned about living in a house is that sometimes houses don’t have central air and that means your kitchen gets to be 95 degrees of pure agony… it’s fine most of the time, but not for kitchen adventures.  Must remember: Don’t be cheap, just get takeout or eat a salad.  The heat agrees with no person in this household. 

If you decide to grow edible plants in your home you’ll probably be tempted to water them a lot, more than you should and that might cause a problem aka thousands of fungus gnats invading your home.  I don’t want to freak people out but we had a full month of fungus gnat takeover, they were holding things hostage, mainly my sanity.  Then we killed them all dead with sticky traps and organic “pesticide” and in turn also killed our plants by accident, not one tomato plant even flowered and the basil just didn’t seem right.  It was the biggest waste of time ever.  Now every time I see an insect that flies I have the urge to scream bloody murder.  Those bastards ruined my life.

Who knew that so many meaningless things happened over the course of a few months?  Well the party is over, time for pumpkin drinks and Halloween costume planning.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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