There’s so much to learn in life

Yesterday we went to a cookout down the street, and it was perfect.  The hostess is a running friend so everything there was really light and healthy (so. many. veggies.) except for some authentic Polish Kielbasa and sliders.  After we properly stuffed our faces and laid around in the grass (normal right?) we headed to a local bar and proceeded to horrify everyone else there.  I didn’t drink, so I was the only one who witnessed the shitshow going on before my eyes.  Multiple tequila shots on a Sunday night can be really painful and I was like 1. I’m so happy that I’m sober right now, and at the same time 2. Everything is a little too real right now, I should be heavily drinking.  I’m pretty sure my husband was the drunkest one there by far yet somehow I’m the one that woke up feeling crappy and then did a fantastic job wasting the day away in slow motion.  I did about 4 loads of laundry, grocery shopped at a snail’s speed, stretched, re-potted a plant, and then watched 6 hours of Little People Big World before running a quick recovery 5k.

I set out to run an easy 3ish miles to just kind of loosen up, and instead after 1 mile I ended up high tailing it around town before getting home and finished within seconds of my 5K PR time.  It just felt good to be able to move around and push myself without pain or the even the fear of pain.  I spent a lot of time this weekend stretching out and holding positions for at least 30 seconds.  Every time I felt really tight, I would take 5 minutes to really loosen up the problem area.  Smart?  More like my physical therapist’s homework assignment.  It pains me to say that it really is helping because it just makes me feel kind of stupid – like obviously stretching makes you feel better when you feel tight and if you feel less tight you will probably run better.  The obvious often escapes me! 

Speaking of ridiculous things.  Today I got stuck in my own bathroom.  We have really old door knobs that attach to equally old doors, and they basically twist into each other to stay on…but if you over twist one, it will just fall out leaving you trapped in the bathroom alone and holding a doorknob in your hand that can’t just be put back on.  Thank God my husband was home when this happened.  I was like: seriously, what would have happened if you weren’t here and you were away on business?  I mean that’s like 3 days or so of being trapped without any real escape….jumping out the window wouldn’t be an option… I’d have to break through the really old door somehow and then explain to the landlord that I almost broke his house apart because of a doorknob malfunction and then we’d have no door on the bathroom and then we’d have to move for the 4th time in 5 years because I couldn’t go even a day without a bathroom freaking door!  Do you know how much that has cost us in movers?  A shitload.

Lessons learned this weekend:

– If everyone else is drinking heavily, staying sober is way too eye opening.
– Stretch every day properly and for more than 10 seconds.
– Have an escape plan in case you have doorknobs from the early 1900s and you could potentially get trapped in bathroom naked.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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3 Responses to There’s so much to learn in life

  1. sarah says:

    Could you have climbed out the window? That was my first thought. I don't know if I've locked myself in a bathroom, but one time for jokes I got in a clothes drier and could not extract myself. That was deeply embarrassing and kind of painful. Also, was certainly sober at the time.

  2. laura* says:

    My bathroom is on the second floor. If desperate I could jump, but I'm also pretty sure I'd break something. I also locked myself in a school locker when I was 13, that was mortifying beyond belief.

  3. natasha says:

    I got stuck in the bathroom with the old door knobs once! This was one of the many reasons I said "new door knobs now."

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