14 miles is almost 20 miles….almost

Saturday morning I got up, drank my coffee and set out on my first outside long run since I hurt myself.  I usually like to follow the rules, I’m not a rule breaker or a rebel, but I do like to bend them a little.  I was told not to run outside on the roads for awhile, but really, what is awhile?  So I made a little compromise, I ran indoors all week long and today I wanted to run part of my usual long run route along the river and when I was done with that I would stop at my gym and run on the treadmill before jumping back on the roads to get home.  I don’t know why I even bothered with stopping at the gym, but once I had the plan established in my head there was no getting out of it.  Luckily, they sell ice cold Gatorade there, and my Camelbak was empty so it was worth the detour just for provisions.
9 miles outside on my regular route
3 miles inside on the treadmill at my gym
2 mile run back home
After all that I took an “ice bath”… but it was more like a chilly bath, I didn’t have enough ice because I forgot that the tub in this place is for really big and tall people and I’m on the little side.  It was a great test though, next time I’ll know how to do it better.

The run overall was pretty good.  My legs felt fatigued as I expected since I’ve missed a bunch of mileage, but my pace was pretty normal.  I did have to do a bunch of 10 second walking breaks here and there but that was also predicted and it didn’t really mess with my time too much so I was fine with it.  It was a nice run, way less painful than ever imagined and the weather was just about perfect.

This has nothing to do with running, but Craigslist has stopped their Adult Services listings.  I’m not stupid, I know what all that is, but does this mean an end to online prostitution and a rebirth of hookers standing on street corners at all times of the day?  That is something I’d prefer not to see because I saw a special about online prostitution on one of those investigative shows and these people are really not what you might expect a hooker to look like…this is not Pretty Woman.

Anyways, back to running.  Today is going to be spent doing a Lot of stretching before stuffing myself with cookout foods mmmm corn!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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