Three doctors and one final answer

The story of how shit hit the fan.
8/19 felt massive pelvic pain while running, let it slide because it was so weird.
8/20 Rest
8/21 Rest, attended wedding and limited dancing.
8/22 felt even more massive pelvic pain while running, went to ER.
ER doctor diagnosed me with: Osteitis pubis basically just by looking at me.  Also he was wearing a silly band and a soul patch, did not like this.  

 8/23 saw a followup Physician’s Assistant in an orthopaedic office, he took an xray and diagnosed me with – ? – he had no idea what was wrong with me, but felt strongly that it wasn’t osteitis pubis.  Obviously this is not a good enough answer: no diagnosis is ridiculous because I know the amount of pain that I felt, and I know that I barely walked in and out of the ER because it was That Horrendous.  That doesn’t just disappear. 
9/1 went to a sports medicine physician who spoke to me very in depth about my history and my current activity level, how fast I usually run my 5k and my 10k and my predicted time for the marathon, did a barrel of stretches and balances and poking.  In the end he agrees with the ER doctor that it is in fact osteitis pubis and gave me a path back to fitness and health.  This is an over training injury, even though he agrees that 25 miles a week isn’t exactly over training, but he did notice that one side of my body is much stronger than the other side of my body during balance tests so I’m probably running by favoring one side…hours of running favoring one side can cause problems.  I’m going to start PT and keep running at a moderate speed on the treadmill, if I had a place to water jog that would be cool but I don’t.
Anyways, the case is closed.  I have my final diagnosis and I know how to heal and recover, praise the lord.  I would like to thank my husband for carting me around to these appointments, it was very tiring and draining to go to all these places for he both of us.  If I have one more freak injury (in March: neck strain from playing Bejeweled on the iPhone and napping funny…three month recovery) this year I might want to consider opening my own clinic.  I have excellent medical coverage thanks to my Husband’s company and I work within the insurance industry so I know that I’m a really expensive person on his plan right now… like someone is getting monthly reports on claims and my name is probably getting red flagged as being ridiculous because year-to-date: 8 chiropractor visits, 8 PT visits, 5 doctor visits including specialists, 1 ER visit, 1 xray, and 12 scripts.  Seriously.  If I wasn’t a part of this really rich plan, I would not have done half of those things because I wouldn’t want to pay copays for all that, so I’m lucky that I had the resources to get to the bottom of my neck strain and fix it and now get to the bottom of my pelvic pain and hopefully fix it.  
Tonight, I hit the treadmill.  Immediately I knew that it wasn’t going to be that great, my pelvis hurt a little from all the stretching and exercises and poking that the doctor did to it today so I tried to take it easy.  I did 3 miles, 1 mile walk, and then some light core work.  The TV on the treadmill didn’t get all the channels and that really irritated me enough to not want to stick around longer than I had to.  Having the news come in all fuzzy is not the same as Jersey Shore with crazy girls smashing plates for no reason and boys “creeping”.  Things are still chugging along on the running front…

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3 Responses to Three doctors and one final answer

  1. sarah says:

    This may be some residual cyncism, but I have this nagging feeling that some (plenty) of PTs/sports med doctors are scheisters. That, or they don't know jack about overuse injuries. So take what they say with a grain of salt, but I almost think we're on our own until we fracture something.That said, Bejeweled neck?? For real

  2. laura* says:

    Yes, I played Bejeweled for hours and fell asleep in a really upright position with neck crooked. 6 months later I still can feel pain, don't trust Bejeweled, it will get you.

  3. laura* says:

    Yes, I played Bejeweled for hours and fell asleep in a really upright position with neck crooked. 6 months later I still can feel pain, don't trust Bejeweled, it will get you.

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