I’d like to thank Ronnie

Conquering the treadmill one mile at a time with the help of the Jersey Shore.

Mile 1 – 9:50
Mile 2 – 9:40 [True Life: something about acne.  Yeah, been there done that]
Mile 3 – 9:30 [Acne is hard to cure, sorry teenagers and adults alike]
Mile 4 – 9:22 [True Life: I’m Addicted to Video Games.  This is pathetic.]
Mile 5 – 9:22 [It’s more sad than pathetic, they really are ruining their lives]
Mile 6 – 9:22 [How do they get any income if they are gaming all day and night?]
Mile 7 – 9:13 [Jersey Shore came on my TV Hilarity ensured.]
Mile 8 – 9:13 [I can’t believe Ronnie would cheat on Sam.  Total idiot.]
Cool down 5 minutes of walking [so did Snookie’s boyfriend really cheat on her or not? I’m obviously way behind on this ridiculous show.]

Oh man, thank goodness for the invention of individual TVs on treadmills.  I never Ever would have made it to mile 8 without them.  Oh was there any pain? I didn’t really have any pain… I was way more concerned about bonking out due to total boredom or sweating to death because it was way too warm in there.  I felt a little bit of discomfort but it wasn’t even close to enough to concern me or stop me.  The whole point of this rehabbing indoors is so I can have a controlled environment and be able to take transportation home if I feel pain instead of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.  That transportation wasn’t needed today, everything went as planned except for all the food cravings that hit me when I was on the bus back home –

English muffin pizzas with pepperoni
Chewy sweet tarts – the purple ones
Gorgonzola cheese
Chicken and cashews – Chinese takeout
A toasted Italian sub, extra pickles

Seriously.  I’m craving all these thing individually, not like combined or anything, I just happen to be craving them all at the same time.  It’s 10:30 and I think I might be hungry…this isn’t going to work.

Time for bed.

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3 Responses to I’d like to thank Ronnie

  1. Katie says:

    This is too funny! I agree on the wonderful-ness that is an individual TV on a treadmill. Long runs just wouldn't be happening without them, and mindless MTV shows are the best way to get through the miles. I think that this might be my first time to comment on your blog, but I just had to say that you're one of my favorite running blogs to read, mainly because you're so honest– if your run sucked and you hated it, you don't sugarcoat it, and that's so refreshing to read. I'm a semi-beginner runner, as in just recently ran my first 5k, but it's fun to read about your ups and downs as you train for the big stuff– holy marathon training! Anyways, just thought I'd break the comment ice and say hi 🙂

  2. laura* says:

    Thanks Katie that's so nice! I've seen your blog too and I hope you feel better soon, being sick in the summer is the worst.

  3. Individual TVs makes treadmill running possible 🙂 Thank goodness for Food Network and 16 and Pregnant!

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