Escape to the lake

We spent Saturday at the lake visiting Natasha, and we’re like not lake people so we had no idea what to expect.  Apparently at this lake, everyone who lives there has a boat called a “patio boat” where you basically take a patio out at really slow speeds so everyone can drink and have a nice time all afternoon.  We got some good color out there! I’m pretty sure our hostess was trying to drown us with beers and over-stuff us with food, she did a great job.

Later, we got schooled on Silly Bands.  We’re like far removed from A: kids of school going years, and B: parents who have kids of school going years so silly bands aren’t something we see everyday.  I had no idea that they were banned from most schools or that some of them can even glow in the dark.  I have like 6 now thanks to our little friend Maggie. 

It was really nice to escape the city out to Lake Chaubunagungamaug that name is Real, although they call it Lake Webster which is like a short cut and a half.  The weather is hot again and will be for a couple days even when I was super close to finding my fall clothing, but New England you are tricky, and summer isn’t over just yet.

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