Sweating out those fries

Friday night after work I grabbed a beer with some work peeps instead of going to the gym, which meant that I got to walk through a fancy bar with my sneakers on and a backpack.  I’m one classy working girl.  For some reason someone was there wearing a white bear suit head to toe, so I luckily I didn’t exactly look out of place (yeah I know, wtf).  After a quick drink, my husband and I met up with some friends for dinner at the Highland Kitchen which used to be the home of the best burger that I’ve ever consumed… I’m pretty sure that I’ve had better burgers ever since that day in 2008 like Taylor’s in the Ferry Building of San Francisco, but I can’t always jet out to the west coast for a burger every time I have a craving.  Last night, it just wasn’t that great.  I had an IBC root beer, a local fresh heirloom tomato salad, and the cheeseburger with caramelized onions.  The root beer was predictably awesome and the tomato salad was super fresh and delicious, but the burger was seriously lacking so I had like 4 sad bites before moving on to a pear flavored cider at the Burren (some Irish bar with music and seriously young Tufts students).

Also, I have to admit that my running club starts and ends at this bar on Mondays nights for a 5k group run… and it’s seriously shitty on a Monday and like half as shitty on a Friday, but the music is pretty darn good.  Abe did his best Paris Hilton face, it works for him.  I was like: you stole my pose.  We didn’t stay squished into a too tiny booth for long, my BFF showed up from Philly with her sister…. insert cute photo here, I forgot to take one, but this works:

So after a couple drinks, I thought the night was over.  Fridays are tough for people in their late 20s man, and it was a hard work week.  I was really looking forward to my head hitting my perfectly contoured pillow on my perfectly memory foam bed, but there was a detour.  My husband found a burrito joint right where we parked the car, so him and his friend came back to our house with giant burritos and a new love for Angry Birds on the iPhone.  When it comes to late night eating I’m all for it when it’s something like pizza or lo mein but I draw the line at burritos!  The smell of it was grossing me out so badly that I just had to go to bed with the smell of burritos wafting through our apartment.

This morning after sleeping from 1am – 10am, I hit the gym for a run on the treadmill.  First of all, yeah I had some burger but many fries last night for dinner.  I swear that I was sweating French fries on that stupid machine, I couldn’t understand why I was so salty… until I remembered dinner and then I was mortified.

Anyways, I did:
3 miles at 10:00 pace
1 mile at 9:40 pace
1 mile at 9:30 pace
1 mile at 10:00 pace
some walking to cool down

When I felt my injury come on both times, I was running way faster than those paces, probably closer to 8:00 or something but even though I’ve been coming back pretty well I’m still afraid to run fast.  I’m a mostly rational person so two things are true right now:
1. During this marathon, it being my first one, I’m not going to run faster than a 9 min. mile because I’m not Truly a distance runner so why bother push myself when I’m sort of rehabbing right now?
2. I don’t enjoy speed work anyways.  Maybe I will enjoy it next year, but right now it is no fun.

After that workout I am feeling like things are really looking up, I don’t care what caused all this, I only care that I’m getting better and I can try and get back into shape.  6 miles is good, but I’m going to have to start back with my schedule or at least a modified schedule just to get me to the race.  

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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