What a weekend!

Get ready for a photo heavy post.
One of my very best girlfriends got married over the weekend.  She’s the ultimate sweetheart, always putting others before herself, always finding the positive side of things, and I was honored to be a part of her wedding day.

The bride is on the right with the fantastic neckline – and we totally didn’t mean to all super coordinate like this, it’s in fact the only black and white dress that I’ve ever owned.  The rehearsal dinner was great, really casual with lots of fresh seafood as we were in Rhode Island (bacon wrapped scallops, scrod, baked stuffed shrimp, etc).  I’m surprised people were able to function in the morning because it was a super open bar!  I mean really, the waiters couldn’t keep up with all the drink orders and I’m pretty sure we used All their wine glasses.  I was a good girl though keeping to 1 really generous glass of white wine.

In the morning we all went to the New Leaf Studio in Bristol (the cutest salon in the world I think) and got our hair done all pretty.  When it comes to hair, I’m probably the most critical woman out there, but I need to say that the ladies working here really know what they are doing, everyone was really happy.

After hair and self-application of makeup, we put on our dresses and got ready to stand up for our good friend.  The MOH is in the middle – Megan, my running buddy.  We all look so tan, hello summer!

Isn’t she Gorgeous here, beautiful lines in a beautiful house.  The ceremony and reception were at Linden Place in Bristol, RI.  Everyone was asking about the history of the home and we’d just be like: oh, something about Drew Barrymore’s grandmother…

After the ceremony, where the bride and groom said their own vows (ahem, brave peeps) we helped ourselves to some Del’s lemonade.

After the reception, and after party at a water front bar, we jumped onto a school bus to take us back to the hotel.  It was a bumpy ride but way better than driving ourselves!  Luckily the ladies didn’t mind a rowdy group of kids either.

In the morning there was a morning after brunch at the parent’s of the bride’s home.  It was fun, food filled of course, and raining.  It also rained the day after my wedding and I felt it was a good sign.  It’s like starting fresh in a whole new life.  The happy newlyweds will be honeymooning in England and Ireland!

Then later…
I went for a run.  It was sort of a test run but sort of a long run.  I planned on going 10 at least, but because of my pain on Thursday I brought my phone in case the pain happened again and I needed to be picked up.  Well it happened again at the 10:30 mark, basically the same amount of running as last time.  I felt great and I thought to myself: wow, I feel fine today the other day must have been a fluke and maybe I can even do more mileage.  I was wrong.  Without warning the sharp searing pain in my pelvis came back and this time I wasn’t about to walk all the way home again because it was somehow worse this time.  My husband rescued me from the side of the road, I cried, we ate dinner, and the headed to the ER.

This photo is like way over dramatic, but they took my stats, I was examined by a doctor and 3 hours later I was released and could barely even walk out of the ER the pain at that point was beyond my limits.  My diagnosis: Osteitis Pubis.  It kind of sounds like a STD… so I’m like totally not telling anyone at the office… I’ll have to think of something that sounds better.  There is cartilage over the pubic bone where ligaments and such attach, and that cartilage area is inflamed due to over-use.  It’s an injury sometimes found in runners, dancers, and ice skaters.  I have an over-usage injury when I specifically worked so hard to gradually build up… damn it.  I just have to take anti-inflammatories, rest with no running, and test it again in a week… but I am going to see another doctor tomorrow morning.  Ok, WHY can’t I ever see a real doctor?  They put me in with a Physician’s Assistant.  The person on the phone is all like: he can do anything the doctor can, and I’m thinking – if that’s true then why is he called an Assistant?  This goes under: Things That Piss Me Off.  I don’t even want to get into all the other ridiculous things that the receptionist asked me.  I can’t wait to see her Face tomorrow because I bet it looks Stupid.

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