0 Mileage Wednesday

I was scheduled for 8 miles today and I did 0.  I thought it was just more important to get home and make dinner for my husband because it’s been a rough week and it’s only Wednesday.  Tomorrow though, I’m going to skip my group 4 mile tempo and try and make up for some mileage with a longer run.  If only I was a morning runner… If only I cared deeper and ran faster… if only could work 8 hours, cook dinner, eat, clean up, run 8 quality miles, make my lunch, and go to bed by 10 while getting quality time with my husband too.  Today was not the day for overachieving!

I did accomplish something worthwhile today – I finally found a suit that fits.  I initially ordered a suit from BR thinking you know whatever it would be fine.  It was the most Fug thing I’ve ever seen, the fit was all wrong – sleeves too tight and short, chest too big, waist too small, length too short, fabric too shitty, and that was only the jacket.  Pants: spandex, straight legged spandex that reminded me of leggings.  I love running in spandex, grocery shopping in spandex, but I’m not trying to look like I’m wearing over priced athletic-wear to a meeting.  Anyways, BR is all mixed up with their sizing these days and it’s not just me, I even went back to the store to try on more sizes and the stars did not align.  Ann Taylor had a much better fitting suit: higher quality, nice lines, decent price, and the best part is that it made me look decidedly capable even if slightly boring.  Thank goodness that search is over, it was taking a lot of energy out of me and I just don’t have any to spare especially for stupid things like trying outfits on.  Next up, we might go test drive some cars.  We Might need to get a second car because having one is starting to be really tough.  That is going to be way more invasive than finding the right suit, it’s going to take some major carbs and budgeting….I don’t like either of those things.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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