A short running update

Saturday and Sunday were off days due to my own laziness and need for down time.  Monday I had a 5k recovery group run, and I huuuuuuurt.  My legs were heavy, I was struggling, it was a nightmare of epic 5k proportions.  FYI: the heat is back in Boston and it’s not leaving anytime soon.  Yeah, I know I should have moved a little on Sunday to loosen up and maybe I could have avoided most of the pain I felt but logic doesn’t always win here.

Today, I was scheduled for 4 miles…um, I didn’t do 4 miles… I did 5 because I Thought I was scheduled for 8!  I laughed in the face of 8 miles with my heavy feeling legs but figured better than half was better than none.  Also, I accidentally ran by my running team doing their Tuesday night track workout which I never do – I also laugh in the face of track workouts.  Luckily, I didn’t recognize anyone and kept slugging along.  I cringed when I came home and looked at my schedule, how could I confuse the days like that?  Turns out tomorrow I am scheduled for 8… I don’t know how I feel about these mid-week medium runs they are kind of the pits with the sun going down earlier I really need to get home and hit the pavement right away.  Right about now (week 11 out of 18 in Hal Higdon’s novice schedule) is when I realize that marathon training has become really time consuming… not overwhelming but it’s a lot.  Also I experienced sports bra chafing for the first time, I was like: what are all these lines all over my back from?…oh right…damn.  It’s cool, they have stuff for that and that will get me to the fun running store.

I looked at some photos from my vacation on the cape and I decided to do some touch ups just so my mom wouldn’t be like: oh I look so old/fat/stupid/ugly/horrible/unphotogenic/tired in that photo.  I erased the age from my parents faces… and now they look botoxed.  I can’t wait for them to get this in the mail, it’s like a gift from the youth gods.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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