When it rains it freaking pours

We’re home from vacation early, my nana passed away, which is sad but it’s really been a long time coming so we weren’t surprised.  She had been sick for 5 years living into her 80s in a home that made me too sad to visit: alzheimers is a terrible disease.  Arrangements had been made ahead of time so we came home from vacation, but it wasn’t a major rush to get things done.

I ran on Monday and twisted my ankle on uneven pavement, it hurt but I was able to keep going.  Tuesday walking around Provincetown in 90 degrees, I twisted it again on uneven pavement and now it’s absolutely killing me – well my lower-side calf like where stretched tendons are or something.  I was going to wear heels to church tomorrow, but I really don’t think I can handle it.  I am not even sure I can join up with my Thursday night running group.  An hour ago, I walked 1 block to a corner store to buy a freaking tomato and I almost didn’t make it, I was silently cursing that tomato under my breath.  I’ve been RICE-ing ever since the trip to the corner store but because I didn’t right away, I’m thinking I actually contributed to the extra suffering.  This weekend I have a long run planned and I Think it’s 15 miles but I can’t get up to check my training schedule to be sure.  Last time I twisted my ankle it took weeks for it to feel strong again, this is an annoying setback that really pisses me off.  Am I missing anything to help it?  I took Aleve too.

You know what else?  Yeah what else beyond the loss and useless joints?  A really uncool canker sore sitting right on my uvula – that punching bag thingy in your throat.  I have no idea how I got one there, but its massive and makes eating or drinking really painful.  It’s probably because my body’s defenses were down last week when I had a bad cold – I know the bad just keeps piling up.  I went on a vacation and probably ate 50% of my normal food intake and that really was depressing.  Everything hurts it: heat, cold, acidity, spice, crunchy foods, beer, wine or you know Anything At All.  This is great since my husband and I are in a weight loss battle, but bad because eating flavorful foods makes me really happy and I seem to be missing a lot of happiness during my week of vacation.

I’m planning another vacation – the kind where you feel happy and rested when it’s over.


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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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3 Responses to When it rains it freaking pours

  1. sarah says:

    Well that just straight up sucks. Which Greek god did you piss off last week? Seriously, I'm sorry for the hailstorm of bad. My grandma had alzheimer's – it's a wretched disease. Crappy things do have a way of piling up all at once, and I'm sorry your uvula had to get involved. Fortunately, canker sores heal and ankles buck up and do their job. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. laura* says:

    Thanks – I appreciate it!

  3. I'm sorry everything sucks right now 😦 Hope things turn around soon.

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