Move It or Lose It!

As I’m sure you can all tell, I’ve been in a really shitty mood all week long for a number of reasons: work, the awful cold I have, the effing flies everywhere.  Whatever, we’re on vacation now bitches, we have all next week off!

Even with my cold I went to my Thursday night group run and slogged through the humidity with everyone else, it’s Ok to run with a cold from the neck up right?  That’s what I was always told it’s when it gets into your lungs that you’d want to think twice about it.  I thought because I had skipped so much mileage earlier in the week that it would be really painful, but actually I think the rest helped my body and I was able to run very well during the 4.06 mile course.  I was completely dripping by the end of it – my friend gave me a ride home and I felt bad for her car.  It was one of those moments like: thank God we’re friends or I would die of embarrassment.

Today was my long run, only 10 miles on the schedule and it wasn’t that great.  I didn’t eat dinner on Friday night so I was lacking some energy, plus my little kid runny nose, and some weird behind the knee pain but I got through it.  The most memorable part about my run was knocking a little Asian kid over in Harvard Square.  I have a love/hate relationship with Harvard Square: love it because it takes me to the river, hate it because of all the idiot tourists even early in the morning.  Today there were people everywhere and I was running on a nice clear path down the sidewalk, nobody was anywhere near me, and suddenly this little 8 year old kid walked right in front of my out of nowhere with his head down playing a video game or something.  He went flying a few feet, but it was his fault right?  I was like: Ahhhh!! and kept running.  Whatever, you know he didn’t learn anything from that.  It’s like when people read books and walk at the same time, why do they do that?  Don’t they know people think they can do two things at once but they never can?  His parents were probably like: that Jerk.  Well parents: watch your kids or teach them to multi-task.

I had planned on putting a 3 mile tempo run in the middle of my 10 miler but because of my funny behind and side of the knee pain, I skipped that and will try again next week.  It wasn’t a total loss, I got the mileage in, I didn’t die and the weather was nice, and now I’m heading to a cookout.  Should I be icing that strange area that hurt…yeah probably, I’ll check on it tomorrow when I hit the gym.

Gorgeous day for knocking people over.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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