13.1 Miles

I didn’t have a goal time when I started because after last week’s run I thought my main goal should be to pace myself at a steady speed I can handle for the whole 13 miles.  Once I got 4 miles into it and I felt really good and warmed up that’s when I decided to tack on the 0.1 to make it a half marathon and compare my time to last year’s half marathon in San Francisco (2:10:00).  You can’t truly compare a mostly flat half at home practice to a mostly hilly race but I had nothing else to work with.  As I was chugging along around mile 8 a little light went off – Oh My God I could actually run under 2 hours.  Instead of just letting myself squeak by the last few miles I kept my pace steady, unfortunately It wasn’t fast enough:

These splits are really good for me for this distance.  I wanted to keep all miles as close to 9 minutes as possible, and I think I mostly did well there with three exceptions.  So I beat my last year’s half marathon time by 7 minutes, but I didn’t get under 2 hours.  Cool but Annoying because I know I am capable of that and more.  According to my training schedule, I won’t see 13 miles again but maybe I’ll finagle something. 

Later in the day after my lunches and nap we went to the Asian market (H Mart) and came home with so much stuff.  Like if you opened our fridge right now you’d think we were a Korean food re-seller.  This might be the best find ever:

Spicy Sriracha Peas.  They are super spicy and delicious, I tore into them right when we got home.

Two things that I love combined into one frozen treat: mochi and sherbert.  I haven’t had one yet, but man they look good. 

Food and running.  They go hand in hand.

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One Response to 13.1 Miles

  1. sarah says:

    Muy excelente – that 13 mile point is such a breakthrough. At least for me. I walk out of Asian groceries looking like I have eight kids at home whining for sweets. Really, I just can't control myself around snacks I haven't seen before.

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