A First Monday Night PR

Ok, so I’ve been getting a lot of PRs lately and they’re not exactly like impressive or anything but I’m thrilled that my hard work is paying off in a way that never would have happened if I was still running on my own: thank you Somerville Road Runners.  My friend and I rode our bikes to the group run tonight and I think it was a decent little warm up.  I didn’t wear my Garmin tonight, just a regular watch, but my run went a little something like this:

Mile 1: Fast and furious.
Mile 2: Dead and struggling.
Mile 3: Recovered some speed for the finish.

I dropped 21 seconds from my previous best 5K back in May, and it was good at 26:14 (8:27 pace per mile) but now that I’m running with such fast people, I have much loftier goals than before.  Previously, my goal for my 5K was to eventually get under 25 minutes, but now that seems so tangible.  I want to go much faster than that, and I know that only so many seconds and minutes can be dropped in a season so I’ll take it one small goal at a time.  Monday night 5Ks aren’t really super competitive and there isn’t any traffic control but there are a lot of city lights so it’s true I probably was running a little faster than what the watch reflected. 

I previously said that I wasn’t going to run another race on a Sunday (the day after my long run) until after my marathon in mid-October thanks to the horror show that was the Summer Steamer, but I signed up for a 5K on September 12th.  Something about the 5K distance just speaks to me… and I just want to crush that distance into a million weeping pieces while doing uncoordinated karate kicks.  I’ll leave the kicks at home, but I will annihilate it soon enough.

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